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  1. I see, you mean a ON-OFF-ON switch with spring return to OFF. I'm sorry but you cannot create a cycling command by editing the "defaul.lua" files.
  2. Can you state explicitly what you mean? I would consider both the FLAPS switch and the Autopilot switch on the TM Warthog throttle as maintained 3-position ON-OFF-ON switches
  3. Sounds like you forgot to engage NWS (nosewheel steering)
  4. @ebabilAre you sure you have deleted the default assignments DCS World creates automatically?
  5. I'm not an expert at all, trying to relate this to my system which is i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz with 16GB RAM;, with a GTX 1080/8GB. You seem to be running the F/A-18 Free Flight Instant Action over the Caucasus mountains, on two super-duper machines and you seem to be mostly around 60 FPS. When I fly that mission on my old rig at similar altitude (just above the mountain tops), I see frame rates generally above 100 FPS using the "Frame Rate Counter" from DCS World. This doesn't make any sense to me, I would expect to see my frame rates way below yours. What am I missing?
  6. There are several possibilities, but none provided by ED. The ones I have used or know of: 1. add custom commands to the default.lua This is my preferred method as it doesn't rely on 3rd party software. Example: P-47: Gun Safety Cover and Gun Safety Switch operated with a single maintainedON/OFF switch Disadvantage: DCS World Update or repair restores the original file. I use OvGME to back up and restore all my modified files. 2. some controller-specific software like Thrustmaster's TARGET allow you to define macro commands in the form of key sequences. The downside is that most commands in DCS World don't have pre-defined key sequences so you have to define those under Options/Controls which I find very tedious. 3. VoiceAttack: It uses Windows Speech Recognition to recognize a spoken command. A single spoken command can be set up to produce any number of key sequences. The downside is again that you have to first define those key sequences. And some people might find it difficult to work with speech recognition. I find it useful for communication with AI wingmen as I can tell them what to do without having to use the keyboard for entering a sequence of F-keys.
  7. In large SP missions with lots of targets, player and AI wingmen sometimes run out of fuel and/or weapons. Currently I find no way to tell the AI wingmen that they should RTB (or fly to a FARP) for a re-arm and re-fuel. I would like such a command to be added for all aircraft types.
  8. I find that KA-50 AI wingmen contribute very little to mission success, no matter what skill level I set. 1. I cannot tell them which target to engage (the A-10C communication is much better). So while I engage a group of targets and tell the wingman to engage ground targets, he may fly off to another group of targets. I tried the command "Engage..." "my target" but that didn't seem to achieve anything. Is it necessary to set up a data link? 2. The AI wingman, armed with 12 Vikhr missiles does not attack from a safe distance. Instead, it gets so close that David could kill it with his slingshot. Even if there is a lethal anti-aircraft weapon like a Vulcan in the group. And inevitably, it gets killed very quickly by anything that can shoot. Even in a very target-rich mission my AI wingmen rarely manage to fire even half of their missiles while I have to RTB for a re-arm.
  9. I just tried and it was no success. The second keyboard does not show as an additional column. You can enter commands from the second keyboard, but they go to the one "Keyboard" column at the left. You can type "LShift + F10" on either keyboard but it will always go to "Labels All". In short, the second keyboard does not have its own bindings. I searched for a while and it seems that the VJoy software allows you to make a keyboard to emulate a game controller. I've seen VJoy mentioned a lot in the forum and it seems that many people use it. I have not tried it and I know nothing about it. Especially I don't know if it can be used with a second keyboard. Maybe you want to give it a try.
  10. Now with version this mask produces a very bad SHKVAL display. I find that the display is quite clear without the mask now. So I backed this mod out.
  11. I have purchased my TrackIR Pro 5 in 11-2015 and used italmost daily since. It's still working as on the first day, just the cap is getting a bit dusty. It has never given me any trouble and once you've got the settings right it does an excellent job giving visibility all around you. Only one little annoyance: when the sun shines into the room and creates reflections on furniture etc, the TrackIR can no longer distinguish between signal and noise and the view gets erratic. I have to draw the curtains. I don't know whether newer versions are less prone to be disturbed by sunlight reflections. Anyway, I'm happy to continue using what I have. I've looked at VR, but decided against it as I need visibility of my button box. Edit: After writing this I found that there are settings that might help with the relections. I'm going to try these.
  12. For the sake of good order: This was answered in a PM exchange. The answer is: you cannot create an axis binding for MFCD Brightness.
  13. No, it isn't. I managed to get two solutions by adding lines to "default.lua". This pair of lines provides two pushbutton bindings for "show" resp. "hide": {down = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 39, value_down = 1.0, name = _('Stick HIDE'), category = _('Systems')}, {down = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 39, value_down = 0.0, name = _('Stick SHOW'), category = _('Systems')}, This line is for a single maintained ON/OFF switch: {down = 3016, up = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 39, value_down = 0.0, value_up = 1.0, name = _('Stick 2-Pos SHOW/HIDE'), category = _('Systems')}, I tried to get a binding for a single show/hide toggle pushbutton, but no luck.
  14. I forgot to tell you something: when you alter the definition of a command in "default.lua" you lose the binding of that command. So you need to go into Options/Controls and re-bind the modified commands. I do not have VR, but in non-VR mode the command definitely gets a lot faster when I set the values to -0.9/0.9 You can set the values even higher. -2.0/2.0 made it really fast in non-VR. When I set it to -3.0/3.0 the INCREASE/CW still worked but the CCW/DECREASE didn't. I didn't try to find out exactly where the limits are, it takes too much time as you have to re-start the game each time. I can't be sure, but I would suspect that the changed commands will work in VR as well. But the fact that the behaviour is significantly different in VR is a bug and you should report it.
  15. I was considering to ditch my MFG Crosswind pedals, because they were no longer moving smoothly, showed a "stiction"-like behaviour. This became a big issue when I tried to fly the AH-64 Apache. In desperation, I started to disassemble the pedals. When I removed the 4 large screws of the rudder mechanism I found 2 (ball or needle) bearings with each of the screws and I found that they didn't turn very freely. So I put some drops of precision oil on each of these 8 bearings, plus on some other axes that looked like they had bearings. After I re-assembled the pedals I tried them and they move easily and smoothly again, just as they did when I first used them. I'm a bit disappointed I had to go through this. On the other hand I'm glad I probably can use them for a few more years.
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