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  1. No mystery at all. You have set it up for both modes. But you still have to decide whether you want to ply in game mode or sim mode and that's determined by the two options "Game Flight Mode" and "Game Avionics Mode". I would recommend you make sure they areun-ticked so you play in sim mode. And then define all the other control bindings for that mode. There is no point defining bindings for game mode if you want to play in sim, and vice versa.
  2. If you have more than one input device bound to the same axis then that's a problem in itself. It happens due to the defaults that DCS creates the first time you run a module. our first action should be to remove all the unwanted bindings.
  3. I re-activated my "old" Gladiator Pro and tried it with the Hornet. I had to set it to "Inverted" and then it works just fine with the Hornet's throttle. One possible cause of your issue is "Game Mode" versus "Sim Mode". Most people (including myself) use sim (simulation) mode; and when they try to help you they think that you are using sim mode. The control bindings are separate for the two modes. So if you want to use sim mode then 1. you must select "FA-18C Sim" for defining your control bindings. 2. under Options, tab "Gameplay", make sure the two options "Game Flight Mode" and "Game Avionics Mode" should not be ticked Also if you have not already done that, check the axis bindings for "FA-18C Sim" and make sure that there are no unwanted default bindings.
  4. I was thinking of something like that, but I'm not enough of a tinkerer. I use an Excel wrkbook for every aircraft to document the bindings (and more). This also helps if for some reason bindings got lost (happens very rarely for me).
  5. Yes, if you have a .lua for a specific game controller then the lines of code must be added into that file and will not be visible for other devices. Seems that the Arduino board has different signal characteristics. I could only test the commands with the one slider on my Warthog throttle, one at a time. What a luxury to have so many analog inputs! I suppose you are building a sim pit?
  6. You can create these axis commands if you are willing to edit the "default.lua" file under "...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Input\A-10C_2\joystick" In the "AxisCommands" section near the end of the file you need to insert these lines: {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Engine Instruments Lights Axis')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Flight Instruments Lights Axis')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Auxiliary Instruments Lights Axis')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Flood Light Axis')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Console Light Axis')}, {action = 3011, cockpit_device_id = 54, name = _('UHF Radio Volume Axis')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 55, name = _('VHF AM Radio Volume Axis')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 56, name = _('VHF FM Radio Volume Axis')}, {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 38, name = _('Yaw Trim Knob Axis')}, There is a little catch though: When we create these axis commands the program only uses half of the slider signal range and it is inverted. My solution is to enter a user curve as shown in the attachment.
  7. It would be a huge job to achieve consistency now with so many modules, almost each implemented in an individual "style". The majority could be fixed if ED agreed to accept input from a community project into the standard files. I would be happy to contribute and so would many others I'm sure. In some cases however even "clickabledata.lua" doesn't give us any handle and these would require code changes/additions in the .DLL's.
  8. Yes I do. I had not realized I could take control of a track replay, thanks for that info! I did this, but it did not change the outcome. The macro displayed "Aircraft ready" but when I tried to put load on the engine by pulling the collective, the engine had not enough power and slowed down and I had to abort the takeoff. When I run the instant action "KA-50 cold start in Mozdok" and use the auto-start it works fine. I can take off and fly away. So there might be something in the mission setup that causes the issue. Again, I did not touch the keyboard or any game controller until the auto-start had completed.
  9. I created these a long time ago: {down = 3004, up = 3004, cockpit_device_id = 1 , value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('AC Gen Left Power 2-Pos ON/OFF'), category = _('Electrical power control panel')}, {down = 3005, up = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 1 , value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('AC Gen Right Power 2-Pos ON/OFF'), category = _('Electrical power control panel')},
  10. I'm not sure whether this post belongs here or under "Missions and Campaigns", moderators may move it as appropriate. I have seen the issue only in the mission "Death Valley" which begins with a cold start. When I run the auto-start, everything seems fine except the EKRAN indicates "RIGHT TRANSM OIL PRESS" a bit more than 2 minutes into the auto-start. The auto-start continues and concludes with the message "Aircraft ready". The EKran however still displays "RIGHT TRANSM OIL PRESS". When I pull the collective trying to get her off the graund she seems to lift a bit, but there is not enough engine power to get airborne. So I let her settle back down and abort the mission. A track is attached. It's probably not a problem of the auto-start macro because that works fine in other missions or Instant Action. I made a copy of the mission and changed it to a hot start and everything went fine. KA-50 Death Valley Auto-Start fail.trk
  11. Late reply... I created the track and will post under Bugs.
  12. I have a little experience with the F/A-18C which I find more complex than the Hog but also very versatile and fun to fly. I have clocked a lot of flight hours with the KA-50 helicopter and feel quite comfortable with it. So I believed that the Apache would not be too difficult. I was wrong. Flying the Apache is nothing like flying the Black Shark. There is the complexity of the two-seat helicopter, and the handling is quite different. I use a VRP MongoosT-50 stick (no extension) for the cyclic, and the TM Warthog throttle for the collective, plus MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. This is not ideal for flying a helicopter but it works surprisingly well with the KA-50. This helicopter has a very effective stabilization system which helps me compensate for the shortcoings of my stick and throttle when used for a chopper. Unfortunately this set of controls does not work well for me when I fly the Apache. This might in part be due to the fact that some of the stabilzation functionality is WIP, and in part to my incompetence. This thing would probably be more fun to fly with proper cyclic and collective sticks, but I'm not going to make that investment. I hope that the Apache will become more manageable as the development progresses, but for the time being I don't fly it much. I have also come to the conclusion that I will not buy any new module before I have taken it through the trial period.
  13. And "Game Avionics Mode"? If that option is checked the keyboard commands for Radar commands don't work. I tried.
  14. Thanks for clarifying. Would be nice if ED indicated in their manual that this control has no function, resp. will be implemented later.
  15. Maybe I'm mistaken; but I think you are referring to symbology brightness. That's not set with the IHADSS knob but with the SYM button. In the pilot cockpit that's on the Video panel, just right of the IHADSS BRT knob. In the CPG cockpit it's on the TDU bezel. As to the IHADSS brightness knob, I see the knob turning, but I don't see a brightness effect anywhere.
  16. I agree. I find the Spits guns quite deadly when I fight a Bf-109 or FW-190 AI.
  17. I'm a bit puzzled as you guys seem to be saying that the "Chop" actually does something. I have tried several times in flight: 1. Open the Guard 2. Chop button depress I do not see anything changing in the Engine page, and I do not see the chopper losing speed. It just carries on at same altitude and speed.
  18. I have kept the default keyboard binding for Radar Cursor switch ". , / :" which is ". , - ö" on a German keyboard. Tried with various hot start missions, and in all cases these keys control the radar cursor as expected. I did not try a cold start mission because that's where you might miss a command. Do you have the problem in hot start missions? First question should have been: Are you sure you are not flying in "Game" mode?
  19. For me, the priority is on commands that... 1. I need in flight and in combat 2. I cannot use from the HOTAS Therefore I have started with voice communication commands for the WW II fighters and Hornet.
  20. It's a lot of work to make one. most of the commands don't even have keyboard sequences so you must define these first, avoiding the ones ED has already used. And sometimes speech recognition fails on a phrase. Like it would not recognize the phrase "Flight Engage air defences", no matter how hard I tried to pronounce properly. I had to change it to "Flight engage enemy air defence" so it would be recognized. And "Flight engage bandits" failed until I removed the "s" from "bandits". Very frustrating and time-consuming. My German accent might be to blame for some of this, and that means that a command that works fine for you might not work for somebody else.
  21. Agree. I've bound the Range axis to the left throttle lever on my Warthog throttle. Works very well.
  22. I don't know about that list. The only profile I did is named "Communication WW II Fighters". It covers voice communication with my wingmen. I have included it in a profile for the Bf-109K4 which by itself has only gear up/down commands. I don't see much need for other VA commands and therefore I have not continued adding commands for the Kurfürst. As far as I can see the profile ""Communication WW II Fighters" should work with all WWII fighters. It will not work with modern fighters as these use different F-key sequences.
  23. Do what? ED has added the HMCS Power commands to the stock files. You just bind the new commands in Options/Controls.
  24. The HMCS Power commands are actually added to the stock file "default.lua" (in stable and Open Beta) now and you can bind them. They have essentially provided the bindings I proposed in an earlier post, with slightly different naming. They have not added them to the file "Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua" which means that you cannot bind them to the TM Warthog throttle. That makes sense of course because the switches on this device are all used for other functions. I have bound the HMCS POWER ON and OFF commands to a rocker switch on my DSD Button Box. PS: I found that ED have added a fair number of other bindings to "default.lua", bindings that were previously available for the TM Warthog throttle only.
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