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  1. I have this problem only in DCS. In the other VR flight sim i've never had this problem. Had my Reverb G2 last july, worked fine but couple months ago had my first blackout, restarted my PC and thought that fixed it but now i have them all the time. Just tried to play the AH-64 cold startup training mission and blacked out like +10 times during that. So the game is pretty much unplayable for me. And i have no idea how to fix it.
  2. I would gladly pay for a good coop campaign that wouldn't require more than 2 players. Online coop servers are ok but they get pretty boring quick, no story etc. Good community made coop missions can be hard to find and when you find something interesting you notice it requires like +5 people. I have only one friend who plays DCS and i'm too lazy to find any new people to play with.
  3. I was using older computer (Xeon 1231v3, gtx 1060 6gb and 16gb ram) with VR - no problem at all, just a small framerate. Just got new PC (3070, Ryzen 5800x and 32gb ram) and the game is unplayable. The game stutters REALLY bad. Like every five seconds fps dips down below 10. I had this happen every now and then when i played in 2D as well. Stutter came with some patch, then next patch usually fixed it until some patch brought it back. Super frustrating. I'd really like to know what causes it and can i do something about it.
  4. If you are approaching correctly, which is from the side of the aircraft, you won't get any wake turbulence. Don't get behind those engines and it will be fine.
  5. It came with the Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog stand, mounting holes ready for MFG Crosswind, Warthog stick/throttle etc. I suppose it could be possible to stretch pedals bit forward, drill new mounting holes etc but i'm not sure if this thing underneath will hold it in place safely enough. Maybe, maybe not. Making the plate longer would be the safest and easiest option i think?
  6. That doesn't really solve my problem, it's just and adjustment for people with different height. I need that extra 10-15cm behind my heels to feel comfortable :) And regarding your last update, that sounds really promising, even i didn't really have a chance to try the first ones! :)
  7. Wheel Stand Pro mounting plate is just a little bit too short for combat pedals. Pretty uncomfortable when your heel is sitting on the edge of the plate, so i guess i have to weld an extra plate to make it bit longer. Sorry about the dirt! :D
  8. Interested to try these! I don't see why toe brakes wouldn't work with these.
  9. I don't feel it's any harder to refuel with wake turbulence on. Might shake a little bit if you approach the tanker straigth from behind, F-14 shakes pretty violently. But when connected i don't feel any difference.
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1241264&postcount=7 I used this (lower setting) for my zoom view when i still used my x52. No more jittering.
  11. I did nice AAR with Hornet without any disconnects, was little proud of myself until Tomcat came and did it inverted.
  12. It's a Hornet feature, the engines response pretty slowly :)
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