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  1. This is an amazing mission, possibly the best mission I played for A-10C! Hats off, it's so good! Thank you!
  2. There is no "Mosquito" under units on DCS website, Home > User Files Would be useful to have it there, as any other DCS module
  3. Хотелка - для отсутсвующих сегментов карты, вместо черной подложки по умолчанию - использовать подложку с текстурой (или цветом) бумажной или картонной вкладки, не белый а такой вот желтоватый цвет состаренной бумаги. Сомневаюсь что карточки с топографическими картами будут заготовлены для двух масштабов для всех возможных сегментов всех закоулков карт в ДКС (Кавказ, Сирия, Невада, Марианские острова, Персидский Залив, а в будущем еще много чего другого). А исправление просто черного цвета на светло-бумажный сразу сделает кабину опрятнее и устройство применимее. Таким образом те сегменты которые частично содержат карту будут не так странно смотреться (с черными зонами). А те части где карты совсем нет - будет хотя бы виден начерченый маршрут, а то сейчас получается что маршрут чертится но черным по черному, и такая карта перестает нести любую полезную или даже эстетическую роль.
  4. После посадки АИ вертолета, вышедшие на перекур бойцы резко меняют форму на НАТОвскую
  5. Rocker buttons are good substitute, or, as an option use modifier (paddle lever on the stick) + the “last” button in the row as an additional button. don’t see it as much of a trouble, we’ll see how the general flow will be
  6. I have found exact issue in the lua for the Raduga aiming sight and also did the fix for Petrovich UI, here is a thread, links for the fixes included:
  7. This is a post to cover two distinct issues with using Mi-24P on a multi-monitor system. 1. Glitch with 9K113_CAM_base_page.lua Due to a little glitch in 9K113_CAM_base_page.lua 9K113 sight is not drawn in "CENTER" viewpoint by default, but instead positions in the middle of "LockOn_Options.screen.width / height", which is incorrect as it's drawn all over the monitors. 4 lines of code in to fix it, 2 in the beginning and 2 closer to the end: HUD_OnlyX = SZX / 100.0 HUD_OnlyY = SZY / 100.0 -- HUD_OnlyX = LockOn_Options.screen.width / 100.0 -- 6.0 -- HUD_OnlyY = LockOn_Options.screen.height / 100.0 --6.0 SZX and SZY are already pre-calculated, but then not used in script later following lines need to be fixed: if LockOn_Options.screen.oculus_rift then screen_aspect = aspect kX = 2/SZX*screen_aspect; kY = 2/SZY; else screen_aspect = SZX/SZY kX = 2/SZX*screen_aspect; kY = 2/SZY; end I have made a fix to 9K113_CAM_base_page.lua and now it works as intended, you can check the script yourself: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317185/ *** 2. Petrovich UI Additionally, there are also problems with Petrovich UI, the compass and crosshair are not positioned properly by default if user has more than 1 monitor. Crosshair for example is moved to the middle of "LockOn_Options.screen.width / height" as well, so can be on a side monitor or elsewhere. There probably should be a more elegant solution, but I just moved all the positional variables to the top of the file, so it's easier to adjust it manually: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317186/ Example of how script allow you to position Petrovich compass, and fixed crosshair which is now in the middle of the screen, and not at the border as by default with such config: Would be nice to see a centralized solution to such issues in upcoming patches! Thank you guys for an awesome new module! Mi-24P Rocks!!!
  8. Any update on the issue? Most of the cockpit looks like glass (wall behind the pilot, the floor, sides of the central pedestal, cyclic stick), should be possible to just make them matt again?
  9. На реальных бортах надписи в кабине на русском, но снаружи на украинском никакой политики, чисто реализм. На Иракском же борту снаружи надписи переписали.
  10. На Украинском крокодиле на хвосте желательно написать "НЕБЕЗПЕЧНО" а не "ОПАСНО", так будет ближе к жизни фото отсюда: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Ukraine-Army/Mil-Mi-24P/4601891/L
  11. I have 3 MFDs with monitors, I export VDI, HSD and RWR, as F-14 Pilot, is there a trick that I can export to the same locations as VDI / HSD (same screens) DDD, TID, when I'm occupying F-14 RIO seat? If I put all of them in my multimonitor lua - I get overlapping graphics, DDD renders on top of VDI etc. Is there a way to put "if" condition there, so that only proper screens export when proper seat occupied? Many Thanks in advance! Good topic!
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking if there is a way for code in Export.lua to know if VR setting is on? Or maybe which monitor preset is selected or anything of that regard, maybe graphical option? Thanks in advance!
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