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  1. I invite all to mail me (ice at lowlandtigermeet dot com) any suggestions, ideas and "whatnot" to better our "whatever" to make LLTM2014 an event where you would like to be part of. Or as Joe Kurr suggests, post it here. No problem. Even if it become personal. In past years the event was mostly visited by 100+ pilots. We the LLTMCrew, would really like to know what the reason(s) are for the community to not join LLTM2014. I don't believe that a bad design or uncertain about the ticketsystem is a reason not to join. If you really want to join LLTM2014 you would have sorted the issues. Sorting issues is second nature to a simmer.
  2. Great stuff. Hope you don't mind: FlightSimCommunity | news portal
  3. Maybe we can create screenshots threads per year? 900+ pages!!
  4. Any proof or acknowledgement on this find? They look way to much poly for integrating them into DCS this way.
  5. Thanks again Rhinox for the heads-up on the banner request. Below a bannerboard for LLTM2014. Dedicated LLTM signatures will come tomorrow. Visit the LowLand Tiger Meet website or LLTM community board for more info and downloads. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the responce MTFDarkEagle. Still need help Rhinox?
  7. Going strong here gents. Not much to add. No reason not to come. It's 20 km away from Ahaus MasterZelgadis. And you tell Tobias I am always willing to have a talk with him on LLTM2015. ;-) Thanks for the advise Rhinox. Will get right to it this week. Dito on that one. So gents. Get your ideas and oppinions posted. As moaning during the event on mission quality and spread is a serious nogo after having this opportunity. :smartass: Registration for LLTM2014 is open, so see you all @ LLTM2014 - WZZRD.
  8. Hi all, Swopped a Cougar throttle for a Warthog set but the throttle on the Warthog set misses the "Throttle Friction Control" paddle - Anybody know where I could get a spare? Thrustmaster support has left for Mars as they don't respond at all. Cheers,
  9. Thanks for the info trietnguyen. Nice username by the way. :thumbup: Looking forward to the release. Could you make more screenshots of the bird? Say 2- 10 o'clock slightly high, full bird, well lit? :D Cheers,
  10. Posted an article on the skinset and added the files. So try at FlightSimCommunity ..... for now. Thanks for the skin RICARDO. Great work.
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