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  1. You may have better luck getting community support on the CZ Discord, which has a channel for people creating profiles. https://discord.gg/KHmkTXe #creating_your_profiles
  2. Yes I suggested a similar thing in the DCS Discord. Helios and other tools (like that user files pack) pretty much all just add the same viewports and give additional plane-specific names to the MFDs and such. If it was possible to coordinate with all the third parties to make these changes to the aircraft as shipped, that would eliminate a lot of the mods and patches, but not all of them. Another class of changes we need to make with exported screens (especially on the Hornet) is to change the graphics settings so the exports are actually legible, which degrades the cockpit views and so can't be done by default. The only answer I see for that is to separate those graphics options from any that were involved in cheating by putting them in separate files. I am not hopeful we can get enough coordination for either of those. It's not a trivial problem with so many parties involved.
  3. I am the developer of Helios' viewport patching and monitor setup functionality, and I can tell you with certainty that we can't work around this IC. So really the only way we will end up with a working solution for IC servers is if Eagle Dynamics can back out this change. This is OpenBeta, where they try out stuff. It doesn't HAVE to be released this way. So we really need them to change course on this and come up with something else to do, like for example moving whatever parameters were involved in the cheating to another file that can be controlled, or something like that. But clearly someone on the dev side had some reason for locking this down, maybe they themselves are a PVPer who does not use extra screens or a cockpit build. Clearly they were not aware of what would happen with this change. Who knows... but that's why we have OpenBeta, right? So let's maybe just document what the effect is, including your stories and anecdotes and so on, but without burning any good will we might have? I'm worried about the degree of hatred in this thread, and whether this will make it less likely that we get what we want. BIGNEWY has been really responsive and has been collecting the data about what the effects on various mods are to take back to devs. So let's give them some time to try to come up with something?
  4. Hi. I am the author of Helios patching functionality, and I posted my notes on this problem here: That thread says it is where BIGNEWY is collecting a list of valid applications and mods that should have been allowed. On my post there, I attached a diff of all our changes that we make, but just in case people don't read patches, this is the list of files we change: Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/AN_ALR69V/indicator/AN_ALR69V_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/CDU/indicator/CDU_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/CMSC/indicator/CMSC_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/CMSP/indicator/CMSP_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/DigitalClock/Indicator/DIGIT_CLK_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/MFCD/indicator/MFCD_left_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/MFCD/indicator/MFCD_right_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/freq_status_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/preset_channel_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/repeater_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/AN_ALR69V/indicator/AN_ALR69V_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/CDU/indicator/CDU_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/CMSC/indicator/CMSC_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/CMSP/indicator/CMSP_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/DigitalClock/Indicator/DIGIT_CLK_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/MFCD/indicator/MFCD_left_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/MFCD/indicator/MFCD_right_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/freq_status_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/preset_channel_init.lua Mods/aircraft/A-10C_2/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/indicator/repeater_init.lua Mods/aircraft/AV8BNA/Cockpit/MPCD/indicator/MPCD_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/DED/indicator/DED_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/EHSI/indicator/EHSI_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/EHSI/indicator/LCD/EHSI_LCD.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/MFD/indicator/LCD/MFD_LCD.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/MFD/indicator/MFD_left_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/MFD/indicator/MFD_right_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F-16C/Cockpit/Scripts/EWS/RWR/indicator/RWR_ALR56_init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/RWR/Indicator/Pilot/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/RWR/Indicator/RIO/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/Indicator/Main/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/Indicator/RemotePilot/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/UHF_Radio/Indicator/RemoteRIO/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/VHF_Radio/Indicator/Main/init.lua Mods/aircraft/F14/Cockpit/Scripts/VHF_Radio/Indicator/RemotePilot/init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/IFEI/indicator/IFEI_init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/Multipurpose_Display_Group/AMPCD/indicator/AMPCD_viewport_cfg.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/Multipurpose_Display_Group/AMPCD/indicator/BAKE/AMPCD_bake_init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/Multipurpose_Display_Group/Common/indicator/BAKE/MPD_common_bake_init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/Multipurpose_Display_Group/MDI_IP1556A/indicator/MDI_left_viewport_cfg.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/Multipurpose_Display_Group/MDI_IP1556A/indicator/MDI_right_viewport_cfg.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/TEWS/indicator/RWR_ALR67_init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/UFC/indicator/UFC_init.lua Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit/Scripts/fonts.lua Mods/aircraft/Ka-50/Cockpit/Scripts/ABRIS/ABRIS_init.lua Mods/aircraft/Ka-50/Cockpit/Scripts/ABRIS/BAKE/init.lua Mods/aircraft/Ka-50/Cockpit/Scripts/SHKVAL/BAKE/init.lua Mods/aircraft/Ka-50/Cockpit/Scripts/SHKVAL/SHKVAL_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/COM/COM_GreenBox_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/COM/COM_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/FUEL/FUEL_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/PCA_PPA/PCA_BR_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/PCA_PPA/PCA_UR_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/PCA_PPA/PPA_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/PCN/PCN_BR_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/PCN/PCN_UR_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/RWR/RWR_init.lua Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Cockpit/VTB/VTB_init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/NADIR/init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/RWR/indicator/init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/Radio/Indicator/FM/init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/Radio/Indicator/UHF/init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/TV/Indicator/init.lua Mods/aircraft/SA342/Cockpit/WP1/init.lua There are also some other changes made by users or profile authors, such as viewports for the Viggen.
  5. It appears that viewport export changes are no longer allowed: - we need to rename exported viewport names like LEFT_MFCD to make them unique across aircraft It appears that adding viewport export calls is no longer allowed: - we need to export things like RWR that are not exported by default This affects all Helios users (approximately 2000 DCS users, we don't track users exactly) and all cockpit builders who use additional displays for things like RWR. Helios also changes rendering settings in fonts.lua and across several instruments files (MFDs and such) to make exported viewports look legible on the F/A-18C. I can see that this could be considered an IC violation, so I would say this last part is optional but really convenient. [edit: attached a diff of changes made by Helios against a recent DCS release, for example] Helios.diff
  6. resolved here https://github.com/HeliosVirtualCockpit/Helios/issues/456
  7. Regarding my availability and a bunch of questions on here I never answered: You might have noticed I never read this thread (or any threads on this forum) any more. That's because I don't visit this forum in general. I still answer questions on Capt Zeen's discord: https://discord.gg/KHmkTXe or if you have real technical Helios questions, on my discord: https://discord.gg/Ypj7aUR If you are on Zeen's discord, you will have seen the announcement that I am currently asking the community to support Helios development by joining my patreon. I will post another update towards the end of the month to let you know if I had to wind down my involvement with this project in total. In the meantime, please seek support on the discords instead of here.
  8. Please read my comment again. I never said DCS should access the track IR curves. I said I would apply the inverse curve to those axes in DCS.
  9. I removed them with TamperMonkey. Here's the script: // ==UserScript== // @name no lights // @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/ // @version 1.0 // @description it isn't the 1990s // @author You // @match https://forums.eagle.ru/* // @grant none // @require http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; $("#lights").css("visibility", "hidden"); })();
  10. I just checked it. The post is still there.
  11. I am not trying to track where I am looking. This isn't what the HMCS does either. It should point to where my HEAD is pointing, not my eyes. And that is exactly known from TrackIR if I apply the inverse curve of the one applied in the TrackIR software to map from real head rotation to virtual head rotation. PS: One thing I agree is that it would not be mathematically precise. We would not be putting in our screen geometry and seating position etc. to solve for the exact position. Just use manual curve editing to get it right in a few spots and interpolate. That would be way better than what we have now.
  12. Agree with this request. The HMCS X/Y displacement from center should be an axis that can be bound. We could then bind it to the TrackIR rotation with an appropriate curve for our environment. I realize this ignores translational head movement, but it would at least allow us to match the spatial feeling you get with TrackIR and have it feel like the HMCS is tied to our head. Yes, I know it is a significant work if the current implementation is just a static overlay. But it is pretty much the only way to make this work. Your head has to deflect a small amount for TrackIR, so making the HMCS static isn't gonna work.
  13. Didn't you already discuss that on the Discord?
  14. It is not. I decided supporting anything involving vJoy was not worth it. I don't want to deal with a kernel driver signed by a random person being installed on people's computers. For DCS applications, we have always been able to do everything we want by just sending cockpit interaction (via Helios' DCS interfaces) and keyboard bindings (via Helios' Keyboard interface.) That said, there is nothing stopping anyone from writing a Helios plugin interface to talk to vJoy if they want. I just did not want to be the one who has to maintain or support that :).
  15. Unfortunately, those viewports are only for DCS https://github.com/HeliosVirtualCockpit/Helios/wiki/Simulator-Viewport
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