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  1. My personal spider favorite...
  2. My experience with windows 8 has been quite good. It uses less RAM and starts up ALOT faster. I'm also using Start is back to get the start menu back and with that it really just feels like a better looking Win 7
  3. You can press the engine stop button on the collective and fully close the throttle with the mouse. After the landing just increase the throttle again.
  4. I guess people didn't scream loud enough back then, even though it was the same situation.
  5. And because of that it's not watchable in germany :noexpression:
  6. I get alot better framerates in DCS, Arma 3 and rFactor 2 on a 7870. with some older titles (Nascar Racing 2003 and Richard Burns Rally) I got some minor issues though.
  7. If it was in multiplayer it was propably due to latency. I'd guess that a destroyed unit has a higher priority than the position of the actual missile.
  8. You have to download the module version from here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/modules/dcs_a10c_warthog/ Edit: sniped
  9. Do you mean these? As you can see they're being worked on.
  10. Anyone who writes in all-caps shall not be trusted.
  11. At about 430 knots the engines flame out
  12. It's not really a bug, it's the way DCS handles sound (which is awesome). If you zoom in you fly "into" the sound waves so you hear more of them faster. While zooming out the opposite happens and you fly with the sound waves so fewer of them reach you.
  13. Now I have to get in a bar fight to feel manly again. :bash:
  14. nope, after the Summer Sale massacre of 2013 I don't think I'll buy day 1 again....I hope
  15. It's not really that hard. The Black Sharks systems are actually very basic and easy to learn. The efficient flying in combat is the hard part.
  16. because it's the only way to get fast-movers.
  17. The old flight model wasn't really more difficult. It was just more twitchy and it felt like the CoG was above the rotors
  18. Sadly you can't activate the BS 2 update on steam (yet?).
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