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  1. That’s what I was doing yesterday. Look out of the right window, click recentre, then fiddle with switches on the left
  2. I have Voice Attack too. I need to stop being so lazy, and implement it properly. I’ve got a feeling I bought ViaComm too, but was probably overwhelmed by it’s sheer scope.
  3. I’ve done this with other games. God knows why I didn’t try it in this instance. Thank you
  4. No, I don’t have anything like that. Plus, I want to keep my clutter down as much as possible. I have my HOTAS setup, plus a spare USB number pad. But I try to memorise as much stuff as I can so I can re-enact scenes from the Life of Stevie Wonder without coming out of VR.
  5. That makes plenty of sense. I’m in bed now, but shall experiment tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Thanks both . I’m using a Warthog, so plenty of mappable options. I thought that maybe there might have been a way to reset the view to 90 degrees either way or something. I’ll get mapping .
  7. So, an awful lot of the startup procedure in the F16 requires me to swivel round like an owl on a turntable. It’s almost impossible with my current setup. Are there any tips, or tricks to make it a viable exercise? I have a G2, and am not using the VR controllers, just the mouse.
  8. I have a horrible feeling that foveated rendering will very quickly be put to no good. As things stand, myself and probably the majority of us, when adverts are forced upon us such as the way YouTube bombards us with them, we fiddle with our phones, or go grab a quick drink or whatever until the ad has finished. Once advertisers have the power to know whether we are paying attention or not, they will very quickly start pausing the ads whenever we look away. Mark my words, eye tracking will come at a cost.
  9. Okay, so to completely ruin my conspiracy theory (assuming they are telling the truth ;) ), I’ve just received an update to my order from Bestware: We would like to inform you about the status of your HP Reverb G2 pre-order. HP has informed us that the Reverb G2 is currently being equipped with new, improved lenses in the production process. This upgrade will further increase the quality of the product, but according to HP it is accompanied by a slight delay in the initial delivery to all dealers. Based on the new availability date communicated to us by HP, we expect your order to be shipped by the end of October. Due to the increased number of inquiries and in order to be able to help you as quickly as possible, we ask you to reply to this e-mail and refrain from other contact channels.
  10. Well, probably best for the sanity of others if we both sit back and see how things unfold :)
  11. I realise that, but PC is niche, Xbox is mainstream. This is something that will potentially go much further than any current, or bygone flight sim. They have invested an awful lot of time and money this time around. And don’t forget, Microsoft have openly stated that VR support will be ready for the launch of the G2. They aim to choreograph both events.
  12. Yes but MS are trying to change all of that with MSFS. Word is that they already have a larger user base than every other current flight sim combined. Which, after a matter of just a few days is startling. And the fact it’s going Xbox is testimony to the ambitions they have.
  13. Because Microsoft like to make a song and dance about everything. And if their new baby was ready to use with the G2 from day one, then it would limit people finding other, non-MS sims from the off. Exclusivity is a big thing to MS. Why do you think that MS have said that the ONLY headset to receive initial support will be the G2? It’s because that is the headset with Microsoft on the side of the box. They want to drive sales of the headset as well as the flight sim.
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