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  1. Are you experiencing Crossfire stuttering? I'm having the same stuttering on 2.0 Alpha as 1.5 Beta. Good overall FPS but rough as sandpaper in flight.
  2. Honestly not sure if the model visibility issue has been raised with the Devs yet. Re the rig I'm over on the Elite Dangerous forum as Juris again. Heres a few shots of the rig. Some bits have been upgraded and the MFD's, keyboard and tablet etc raised to a more ergonomic angle since this was taken but its fundamentally the same. Its at post 663 https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19065&page=45&p=2228238&viewfull=1#post2228238
  3. Glad to hear it worked for you and this is only 1.5. Roll on 2.0 and NTTR. It can only get better. Re the resolution its actually 6 monitors, 4x 2560x1440 and 2x 1920x1080 in a 3x2 configuration. Works out better for me for work than a single 4k and acts as a set of window blinds on sunny days :).
  4. Checking for upgrades with Catalyst often doesn't give you any results. Its weird. If you want to try them heres a link to the latest betas http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx If you need to go back to the above heres the 15.7.1 http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-catalyst-15-7-1-driver-download.html If you haven't used it before Guru3d is great for getting info or older drivers when needed.
  5. I'm running Win 10 Pro and the latest 15.9.1 beta drivers. Could that be the difference? Also I spotted from your other post you were getting 45fps with a single GPU running. The scaling in Crossfire wont be double as you know but I'd really be expecting about 80fps.
  6. Its set on high with preload and clutter/bushes and tree distance at max and the 295x2 is getting between 65 and 90 fps depending on the terrain on screen. Occasional dip for a couple of seconds to 55 approx but nothing thats going to kill the feel.
  7. Ahh thank you. Wasn't aware there were 2 kinds of stuttering. I'm still getting the micro-stutter like you. The Mega version seems to happen for me in the 1st few seconds of a mission and maybe once or twice for a couple of seconds every half hour or so. As I'm running on 5760x2160 I was putting it down to vram buffering. Its not a game killer for me. Cheers.
  8. I'm still getting stuttering in CF even after turning off model visibility. :(
  9. Typical AMD driver release so. Its like going in to hospital to remove your appendix and they decide to pull out a kidney while their at it.
  10. I thought the 15.9 beta drivers had the memory leak and the 15.9.1 was released to fix it. Or have they just created another memory leak in 15.9.1?
  11. I'd recommend uninstalling the drivers using DDU (not the standard uninstall in control panel) and then reinstalling. I had a similar situation with my 295x2 about a year ago and DDU stripping out the drivers and doing a clean driver install solved the problem. I hate to be one of those guys who talks about stripping out something as a resolution but I've seen this elsewhere and it appears the Crossfire profiling portion of the driver is just not communicating with CCC so CCC cannot offer you the profiling options. Its good that its working in your other sims but every once in a while you will need to access a specific profiling option for some games so being without the option is a handicap.
  12. If its a bug that stops the Crossifre stuttering somebody please stop the devs fixing it. Or at least just make them replace it with the Top Gun theme tune. :)
  13. Thats really weird you say that. I was under some time pressure when I was testing the NFS11 profile on the A-10 landing training mission so I haven't been able to replay things. Something weird happened when I spotted the smooth gameplay using this profile. When I went into the mission the music from the main menu (I had it set to the FC3 theme) was still playing over the mission in the background when it obviously should have stopped playing. I could still hear the in game sounds just with the added main menu tune. Could this be a threading issue regards the CPU interfering with Crossfire?
  14. That is normal behaviour for Crossfire. After Alt tabbing (which disables Crossfire) Alt+Enter again to re-enable Crossfire when back in DCS. Do you get stuttering on the 15.7.1 drivers with Win 7? Just a tiny tip for others. When enabling Crossfire with Alt+Enter do it in the main menu or else every mission you start you will have to do it each time. If you do it in the main menu for some reason DCS remembers the settings.
  15. Interesting. Thanks for the testing and info. After what you described I've just tried it with the A-10C 'Landing' mission but I'd have also switched to the NFS11.exe profile in CCC and I could swear it appears a bit smoother than the A-10C instant action Georgia spring mission which was running on the Crysis2 profile (its the only one that works for me in Elite Dangerous so I start there when testing). Would you mind testing this profile if you get the time and letting us know how you get on? Cheers. Can you be more specific as telling us zero points doesn't help us figure this out and help you get it running. Have you tried Alt+Enter to enable Crossfire, what is your driver, win OS etc?
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