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  1. Are you experiencing Crossfire stuttering? I'm having the same stuttering on 2.0 Alpha as 1.5 Beta. Good overall FPS but rough as sandpaper in flight.
  2. Honestly not sure if the model visibility issue has been raised with the Devs yet. Re the rig I'm over on the Elite Dangerous forum as Juris again. Heres a few shots of the rig. Some bits have been upgraded and the MFD's, keyboard and tablet etc raised to a more ergonomic angle since this was taken but its fundamentally the same. Its at post 663 https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19065&page=45&p=2228238&viewfull=1#post2228238
  3. Glad to hear it worked for you and this is only 1.5. Roll on 2.0 and NTTR. It can only get better. Re the resolution its actually 6 monitors, 4x 2560x1440 and 2x 1920x1080 in a 3x2 configuration. Works out better for me for work than a single 4k and acts as a set of window blinds on sunny days :).
  4. Checking for upgrades with Catalyst often doesn't give you any results. Its weird. If you want to try them heres a link to the latest betas http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx If you need to go back to the above heres the 15.7.1 http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-catalyst-15-7-1-driver-download.html If you haven't used it before Guru3d is great for getting info or older drivers when needed.
  5. I'm running Win 10 Pro and the latest 15.9.1 beta drivers. Could that be the difference? Also I spotted from your other post you were getting 45fps with a single GPU running. The scaling in Crossfire wont be double as you know but I'd really be expecting about 80fps.
  6. Its set on high with preload and clutter/bushes and tree distance at max and the 295x2 is getting between 65 and 90 fps depending on the terrain on screen. Occasional dip for a couple of seconds to 55 approx but nothing thats going to kill the feel.
  7. Ahh thank you. Wasn't aware there were 2 kinds of stuttering. I'm still getting the micro-stutter like you. The Mega version seems to happen for me in the 1st few seconds of a mission and maybe once or twice for a couple of seconds every half hour or so. As I'm running on 5760x2160 I was putting it down to vram buffering. Its not a game killer for me. Cheers.
  8. I'm still getting stuttering in CF even after turning off model visibility. :(
  9. Typical AMD driver release so. Its like going in to hospital to remove your appendix and they decide to pull out a kidney while their at it.
  10. I thought the 15.9 beta drivers had the memory leak and the 15.9.1 was released to fix it. Or have they just created another memory leak in 15.9.1?
  11. I'd recommend uninstalling the drivers using DDU (not the standard uninstall in control panel) and then reinstalling. I had a similar situation with my 295x2 about a year ago and DDU stripping out the drivers and doing a clean driver install solved the problem. I hate to be one of those guys who talks about stripping out something as a resolution but I've seen this elsewhere and it appears the Crossfire profiling portion of the driver is just not communicating with CCC so CCC cannot offer you the profiling options. Its good that its working in your other sims but every once in a while you will need to access a specific profiling option for some games so being without the option is a handicap.
  12. If its a bug that stops the Crossifre stuttering somebody please stop the devs fixing it. Or at least just make them replace it with the Top Gun theme tune. :)
  13. Thats really weird you say that. I was under some time pressure when I was testing the NFS11 profile on the A-10 landing training mission so I haven't been able to replay things. Something weird happened when I spotted the smooth gameplay using this profile. When I went into the mission the music from the main menu (I had it set to the FC3 theme) was still playing over the mission in the background when it obviously should have stopped playing. I could still hear the in game sounds just with the added main menu tune. Could this be a threading issue regards the CPU interfering with Crossfire?
  14. That is normal behaviour for Crossfire. After Alt tabbing (which disables Crossfire) Alt+Enter again to re-enable Crossfire when back in DCS. Do you get stuttering on the 15.7.1 drivers with Win 7? Just a tiny tip for others. When enabling Crossfire with Alt+Enter do it in the main menu or else every mission you start you will have to do it each time. If you do it in the main menu for some reason DCS remembers the settings.
  15. Interesting. Thanks for the testing and info. After what you described I've just tried it with the A-10C 'Landing' mission but I'd have also switched to the NFS11.exe profile in CCC and I could swear it appears a bit smoother than the A-10C instant action Georgia spring mission which was running on the Crysis2 profile (its the only one that works for me in Elite Dangerous so I start there when testing). Would you mind testing this profile if you get the time and letting us know how you get on? Cheers. Can you be more specific as telling us zero points doesn't help us figure this out and help you get it running. Have you tried Alt+Enter to enable Crossfire, what is your driver, win OS etc?
  16. Stuttering here as well on my 295x2. Left Alt+Enter does force Crossfire on but it might as well be running at 20fps with the amount of stutter going on. If anyone is also running Elite Dangerous its a very similar scenario for some there. Running win 10 pro 64-bit with latest Catalyst 15.9.1 beta driver. Turning Frame Pacing on or off has no effect. What driver are the rest of you guys running so we can see it its a non-DCS issue.
  17. I'm running a 295x2 and just tried it with 1.5 using 'Default', 'AFR Friendly' "Optimize 1x1" and a few predefined profiles such as RoF, AlanAwake, TESV (Skyrim), Evolve with no luck. GPU 2 still reads as 0% usage. GPU 1 is at 100% both in menu and in game. I've used both MSI Afterburner and NZXT CAM to check this. Unless someone knows a trick to get it going it looks like I'm off on one of my 2 day long 'test all 400 Crossfire profiles' runs again. The only munitions I'll be loading up today is coffee by the looks of it :( Edit: Oh, scratch the above. Read this threads instructions and looks like it is working if you like a ton of stutter http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=148214&highlight=crossfire. The stutter is just like that in Elite Dangerous on my 295x2 making it largely unplayable. Time to get tweaking.
  18. Sorry but that does not address the issue of pre-existing data, CC details, passwords etc. It would only apply to new signups buying for the 1st time but doesn't relate to the forum itself directly. Question still stands. Any mods care to chime in? Cheers.
  19. Times change and objectives of governments change. We are on a forum dealing with military simulation so we all know that things change. I don't think someone can simply not post anything on any open social space worldwide in the paranoid fear something somewhere might change at some point in time. Would be a very silent world if we all did that. Facebook is a very different thing, yet interlinked in terms of privacy so I understand your point. Believe me if people aren't worried about their privacy on FB they're quite stupid tbh. However I'm questioning here as regards the Russian aspect as its a Russian forum and the laws are different as are recourse methods so I am looking for those details. While the public trawlers grab everything public its more my concern regards the private data held. You wouldn't mind someone having access to your review of a product on Amazon but I think you'd be more concerned who has access to the CC details you used to buy it (thats not an aspersion on ED but externals). Like I said this isn't a political debate, I just want to fly an awesome simulation, but changes in the real world can effect us as we've seen so I'd like to know where we stand on these issues in the Russian context here on ED (when in Rome ya know) & if we can go and have that private data such as CC details and passwords deleted and not accessed by those who I hadn't agreed to access them originally but may change with time. When you agree to T&C's anywhere you can only do that based the laws/regime in place at the time which rules the T&C. If the laws/regime change the acceptance should be capable of withdrawal if you would no longer have accepted them under the new laws/regime. (see FB Max Schrems data deletion case in the EU).
  20. Hi all, I've been debating asking this here for a while but have held off till now. I'm not going to start a political debate and won't respond to anyone who tries but I'm a little concerned over certain tensions I think we're all aware of in the world right now and whether this can effect our privacy and data on the ED forum regards authorities and some upcoming legislative changes which may be coming in the RF for sites and users both Russian and foreign. 1) Am I right in thinking the forum is hosted in Russia and if so will our user data be open to the authorities and if so what would be needed for them to acquire it. 2) Can our data, account, usernames, passwords, posts be completely deleted permanently including all archives by us if we choose to or request it from the mods and can we revoke our agreement to the T&C's including those involving the sharing of the above with DCS affiliates. Basically a complete wipe & leave the forums. I'm trying to be as delicate with this post as possible but it has become a concern for me with everything going on. I've chosen to ask it in open forum as possibly others may have similar concerns and would like to know themselves. Cheers guys.
  21. Sorry for the amazingly late reply. I've not been around here as of late. Re the pedals I actually haven't tried yet but may give it a go over the next few days. Still drooling over the Slaw Device or Crosswinds though so I may just cave in and go full retard and drop a wad of europes on it to the point I can't afford things like food or rent but who needs those really :)
  22. Hey just did a few shots with human barrage balloon on board. Let me know if you need more or different angles etc. Also a few shots of the mounting method for the throttle and stick. Bear in mind the Aeron chair I'm using is extremely wide compared to most so I'd say if you were using a normal office chair there would be a lot more freedom of movement. In these shots the support for the stick is extended more than the throttle which is the reverse of most peoples setup so you could move the joystick arm in and have the throttle further back towards the side of your body if you wish.
  23. Will do. Gimme a bit as the pilot/flying target just has to pull himself out of a drink induced coma and setup the camera :)
  24. Just wanted to post a few pics of my franken-rig flight and race wheelstand. Its a GT Omega Wheelstand which is about 90 sterling plus the cost of the arms about 10 pounds each which come with mounting plates. I race a lot but also like to fly. I don't have the money or space to create 2 dedicated cockpits for each discipline. For me this does both cheaply and can be packed away in only a couple of minutes when I need to get back to work. If you own a TM Warthog the twin base plate of the Warthog throttle separates and can be sandwiched perfectly onto the shifter plates. When tightened using 4 screws into the throttles mounting holes it is completely solid. Leos new V2 shifter arms should work as well. When you remove the base plate of the Hotas stick 2 of the 4 holes align perfectly with the pre-drilled holes on the GT Omega shifter plates and the original screws can be used. Its rock solid. I've mounted a USB hub underneath the wheel plate with USB extenders permanently attached to the side of the wheelplate mounting allowing the HOTAS to be plugged and unplugged quickly without having to slide under the rig to connect your devices. The arms are both vertically and horizontally adjustable if you want your throttle or stick at different heights and lengths to suit your seating and arm position. The shifter plates can also be mounted on the inside or outside of the mounts (per the pics with the throttle on the outside, stick on the inside). The wheel plate folds out of the way with the removal of 2 screws which I've replaced with hex bolts. Total race to flight or vice versa conversion is 2 minutes, less if you were to use quick release bolts.
  25. Hey just my 2c but you may want to hold off on TrackIR. It may be old news soon. Kinect for Windows v2 is about to be released and the headtracking (no headset needed) is looking really impressive. With the dropping of the Xbox One Kinect bundling there will be a lot of units MS wants to shift so the project will likely move up a gear to convert the unsold stock. Might even be possible to control switches etc with facial movements. Check it out. btw I'm the guy who bought your T500rs rim, still running awesome :) Cheer man.
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