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  1. Any news or progress to the beloved A-6?
  2. Dear Heatblur, Appreciated for the amazing aircraft you've brought us. It's been a huge pleasure to fly it, especially with my friend acting as RIO in the same plane. As a PVP focus player, I found the capability to map some of the Jester commands direct onto buttons come in very handy in the intense situation of online PVP when I fly with Jester. However, I found most Jester direct commands are nav focus and key combat focus ones are missing. Would you pls consider implement the following air combat focus features into the Jester commands so that the beloved F-14 can be a more efficient machine in the online PVP environment: 1. Radar Emission/Silent 2. STT lock on 1st priority target 3. STT lock on nearest enemy target 4. Release 1 chaff/flare 5. Select Tanks/all non-AA storage on the selective jettison panel Appreciated again for the great excitement & joy you brought us and looking forward to your reply~ Sincerely~ PoohBear 30 | Joey -_- T
  3. This thread had been quiet for some time, any update on this exciting project?
  4. Dear Vibora, Thanks for the clarification~ I'll practise the method you mentioned. Looking forward to future campaigns for this elegant little aircraft~
  5. Hi Vampire, I took-off with full fuel loaded indeed. Compare with L39 (which has comparable thrust-weight ratio) in similar load out, C101 do accelerate and decelerate rather lazy.
  6. Dear AvioDev, Thanks for bring such a wonderful and enjoyable aircraft into DCS. Just a query regarding the acceleration & deceleration performance of the EFM: It seems C101 will take around 45 seconds to accelerate to rotate speed while the real counterpart takes between 25s - 35s according to airshow vid. When I chop down the throttle completely, it refuse to slow down like other aircraft, even when the flaps are extended on landing mode when should cause a lot of induced drag. Is that how the real C101 performs or it just caused by the WIP EFM model? Appreciated for your instruction~ Joey
  7. I have the same problem in 1.5.3, even with a clear installation. I think I'll walk away from UH-1 a while until they fix the problem.
  8. I tried the new Su-25A for several days. It got excellent AFM, excellent cockpit and much much fun. Even it can only deliver bombs, rockets and a few LGMs. I want a full DCS level Su-25A/T with all the avionics and clickable cockpit. I will even willing to pay more bucks for a A-10C level Su-25A/T. If you think the same way as I am, please reply the thread and let ED see the potential of this great aircraft! This is the only way I know to launch for a vote.
  9. In reality both the rockets and mini-guns are mounted on the same mount point, as shown in the attachment. However, our Huey separate different weapon on the different mount point, which is a configuration rarely seen in reality. Why choose this option? And will you give us different options in future version so that we can decorate our Huey as real pilots do?
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