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  1. Statistically most radar missile kills have been close up historically. Out of 588 air-to-air kills achieved by BVR capable airforces, 24 have been BVR (and that's BVR as in eyeball BVR). In Desert Storm the AIM-7Ms fired from the F-15 had 34% Pk and the Sidewinders had 67%. 4 of 10 AIM-120 kills were within eye-ball range. There's probably 2 main causes: 1. Radar missiles like AIM-120 aren't very manoeuvrable. 2. Radar doesn't provide good terminal guidance. There's also a lot of time ECM to evolve too. I don't weigh heavily on Vietnam statistics because I understand that missile technology was very premature back then. I think AIM-7E Pk was about 8%, or one kill for every 12 missiles. They were like drop tanks except with no fuel. The Kosovo AIM-120 engagement details are actually about if you look. The furthest was 21.6 miles (35km) from a Dutch F-16. The longest combat air kill in history. There's no such thing as a 'wonder missile' in the world of reality but if you wanted to kill someone at 50km range the MICA IR would likely have a better chance than another missile and a passive seeker has definite merits BVR. Not at all. That's the ego taken on by most F-22 fans. Well the F-35 is just pathetic. God only knows what a dogfight between a Rafale and an F-35 would look like. Probably like a pit bull vs a corgi I imagine and there are real fundamental problems in stealth ideology. Air-to-air it relies on kills from distances never achieved in combat. Furthermore even a healthy, kill-bound missile can be detected and shot down and missile launch rocket plumes can be used to detect stealth aircraft electro-optically. Also, just as AESA is largely immune to detection and jamming, it's also immune to active signal cancellation for the same reasons, hence destroying an entire element of the stealth trifecta. So question - does the stated RCS of stealth aircraft include active signal cancellation. If so, it needs re-calculating because 10 years from now, no radars (of competent enemies) will be susceptible to active signal cancellation.
  2. It always took 3 2000lb JDAMs but 2 2000lb LGBs used to work.
  3. I think it was before the India contract.
  4. The world where it looked like the F-22 had its ass kicked. Funny how there are no F-22 BFM HUD videos. 4 vs 8 is plausible but certain people 'document' 4 vs 32, 6 vs 24 and 1 vs 6.:D:doh:
  5. The extra energy is an important factor. You should also note that ASRAAM has no datalink or air-to-surface ability AFAIK. AIM-9X Block II has no stated ability against AAMs/SAMs. IRIS-T has most of the same capabilities as MICA except its range is far more limited. Another interesting feature is that the air-launched and VL MICA are fully-interchangeable. Use INS guidance via datalink until it can auto-lock. Of course there is a MICA EM too. It may be that the larger, less manoeuvrable radar missiles under development are intended for larger planes.
  6. The AIM-9X Block II is a good missile and has some of the capabilities of a MICA IR but range is limited to 35km and there is no stated capability against AAMs. It's also significantly slower.
  7. In your little world. Of course we have. More like we've had to listen to, "oh they tested a single Raptor against 6 F-15Cs. It shot them all down BVR.":megalol:
  8. The Rafale carries the MICA IR. It's probably the most advanced AAM in the world right now. And this is coming from a British person about a French missile. Datalinked INS guidance, with DIRCM-resistant IR terminal, TVC, 50+g manoeuvrability, dual use (air-to-air and air-to-surface), 80km range and anti-AAM/SAM capability. Teh Rafale can comfortably carry 10 of them in an air-to-air role due to their lightweight. They don't have the theoretical range of an AIM-120 but then you're not particularly likely to be successful outside 80km or even 50km with a radar missile. IR missiles have statistically proven to have Pks twice that of radar AAMs through Vietnam, Yom Kippur, Falklands, Bekaa Valley, Desert Storm, Yugoslavia and Iraq NFZ. You'll find all the information you need simply by typing pertinent searches. I don't want to provide you with the links because then you'll say I'm leading you but if you type things like "missile kill probability", "air college" and "pdf" into google, you will find your answers.
  9. I'm fully aware of LOAL but the object of BFM isn't to serve 360 degree rape out to opposing fighters. I realise what you're saying but I think that the unbiased opinion of the video is that the Rafale got the better of him (or her). How do we know this? 2:30 looked like a gun kill. He was definitely there long enough for a missile shot at 0:50 too. Well we've all had to listen to the "F-22 is better than X and Y at everything" discussion for years without any evidence.
  10. The Rafale did manage 100+deg in testing without TVC. :megalol: :megalol:
  11. Ah, so let's chart the progress of the F-22 kill deniers: 1. No engagement ever took place. 2. No kill occurred. 3. The F-22s were not trying. :megalol::megalol::megalol::doh: 4. The F-22 never existed? 5. It was the terrorists that done it.
  12. Would that be the same 120 that has never gotten a combat kill beyond 35km and has a Pk of 0.46 against opponents with the same skill level as flying clowns with no ECM between 5 and 20nm? And that was also against opponents that don't have AAMs capable of downing 120s or the means to detect their launch. Happily. Looked like a gun kill to me. Big ass 30x150B with 48g PBXN-5 each. One hit and bye-bye. I know you love the Raptor and you won't be able to sleep at night knowing that it got its shit so badly pushed in but there comes a time in life when one must realise certain realities. Santa Claus does not exist and the F-22 is not invincible.
  13. I think you're grasping at semantics now. Let me put it another way. The aim of BFM isn't to be in a little box on your opponent's HUD. Any further semantic issues with that? Correct me if I'm wrong but actually the F-22 can't yet.
  14. But you are comfortably wrong. Given that the F-22 couldn't out-manoeuvre a Rafale, its chances of out-manoeuvring a MICA IR with thrust-vectoring is exactly nil. The aim of BFM is to be behind your opponent. Do you not understand this? Maybe the F-22 thought he couldn't be seen.:megalol:
  15. 2 hits with GBU-10 and nothing??
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