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  1. Raptor9's post in Is target/threat symbol for ident AD (Friendly Air Defense) supposed to be red? was marked as the answer   
    As the thread is tagged, ALL target/threat icons in the database are colored red.
  2. Raptor9's post in Is there anyway to quickly disable the NOE/APPR mode? was marked as the answer   
    Nope, only way is to turn it off on the UTIL page.
    Depressing the Stab control button only reverts the MAN STAB mode to AUTO STAB, meaning the FMC controls the stab position. NOE/A just tells the FMC to automatically control it using a different set of rules when in AUTO STAB mode.
  3. Raptor9's post in Variable torque values was marked as the answer   
    It's not so much a load on the rotor so much as how hard the engines are working to keep the rotors at 101%, and even that is a simplified definition of it. Different conditions will result in torque variances without adjusting the collective, because the rotor loading changes during maneuvers.
    If you want to see where the collective position is at, the only indicator of it is the Controls Indicator overlay.
  4. Raptor9's post in Engine turbines was marked as the answer   
    Hard to tell if they are spinning or if it is just the flicker effect from the rotor shadows.
    In real life those vanes don't spin because the first stage of the compressor is deeper inside the engine. What you are seeing are the swirl vanes of the intake. These vanes redirect the airflow in a way to help separate dust and debris through the swirl frame and into the inlet particle separator instead of going into the compressor itself.
  5. Raptor9's post in Problem chaff number display was marked as the answer   
    The chaff and flare quantities can only be 30 for chaff and 60 for flares. No other combination can be used, despite what the rearm/refuel menu sliders do.
    There is only one 30-cartridge dispenser for chaff. The other two are only for flares.
  6. Raptor9's post in Noticed a Bug in AH-64D Navigation system, in the latest patch DCS Open Beta. was marked as the answer   
    You tried to enter an enemy Control Measure IDENT code as a Target/Threat type of point, which doesn't work.  If you want an enemy armor icon (AE), you need to select CM as the type first.  Enemy Control Measures are not the same as Target/Threat points.
    Up until recently, you didn't need to bother ensuring the correct point type was chosen for the IDENT code you were using, because the TSD would automatically change the point type to match the IDENT code entered, which isn't accurate to the real-life avionics (further, there are a couple codes that are duplicated that require the delineation, like BP and SP are used more than once). Now that the DCS AH-64D has been corrected to how it should behave, you need to ensure you select the correct point type.
  7. Raptor9's post in TSD - Threat Show rings visibilty - not yet implemented? was marked as the answer   
    Not implemented yet.
  8. Raptor9's post in Today's patch - "Initial work on velocity hold submode" was marked as the answer   
    The correct conditions for Velocity hold submode is between 5 and 40 knots ground speed when you press ATT hold on the cyclic.  Above 40 knots ground speed you will simply enter Attitude hold.  Below 5 knots is when Position hold submode will engage for maintaining a hover (not implemented yet).
    There is transient range allowed that if you are above 40 knots and engage Attitude hold, it will remain in Attitude hold until 1) the aircraft decelerates below 30 knots ground speed, or 2) if below 40 knots but above 30 knots ground speed and the force trim is interrupted and released, in which case it will switch to Velocity hold.
    I haven't had a chance to extensively test it's behavior since it has just been implemented, but that is how the logic is supposed to work.
  9. Raptor9's post in purpose of ACQ in LOAL? was marked as the answer   
    Setting a point as the ACQ source provides accurate launch steering to the pilot when shooting LOAL-LO or LOAL-HI. It's not necessary, but it helps ensure a successful shot. See the linked comment.
  10. Raptor9's post in Trying to understand the tsd logic. was marked as the answer   
    COORD page is only for reviewing entire partitions of the aircraft database, or to add individual points to the ACQ selections at B5 within the list.
    POINT page is for doing everything with individual points. Adding, editing, deleting, storing, transmitting, or reviewing them.
    ROUTE page is for doing everything with routes. Building, editing, deleting, or selecting routes, or setting a direct route to a point.
    Each of these pages are set up for these functional groups. There are multiple methods to perform some of these functions, such as multiple ways of adding a point or setting a direct route, but the functions themselves are separated into their own individual pages.
    And yeah, RedKite has the best tutorials for DCS in my opinion. They are as thorough as they need to be, yet are concise as they can be.
  11. Raptor9's post in ADF Ident Audio Mores Code-Help was marked as the answer   
    Ensure the CMWS/NAV switch on the CMWS control panel is in the NAV position.
  12. Raptor9's post in Should MAN TRK be disabled when TADS not set as sight? was marked as the answer   
  13. Raptor9's post in Anti-bunker Hellfire was marked as the answer   
    You're not going to take out a Command Center object with any AGM-114 in DCS.  These things require several 2000 lb-class bombs to destroy.  A small 100 lb anti-tank missile will do nothing more than scratch the paint and maybe disturb the sleep cycle of the occupants inside.
    The AGM-114M is designed to cause localized frag damage to naval vessels; it's not a anti-bunker missile.
  14. Raptor9's post in How to set up the accelerometer was marked as the answer   
    It's only displayed on the FLT SET page. Thats all you can do with it besides reset the min/max indicators.
  15. Raptor9's post in Rockets and Guns. How do you hit things? was marked as the answer   
    You're misinterpreting what the manual is telling you to do. Figures within the manual generally follow the text that it applies to; in this case the previous step telling you to verify or select the gun settings, with the WPN page in GUN format showing where to set these.  The next steps to arm and select a range source aren't on the WPN page; this engagement sequence is simply the steps to employ the gun using the TADS, but it assumes that you've read the preceding sections that describe how to arm the aircraft, select acquisition sources, etc.
    Regarding the range source, you don't select a range source from a menu or list, you take the necessary steps to utilize the appropriate range source.
    To use a Manual or Auto range, use MANRANG> data entry button on the WPN page.
    To use a Nav range, select a point from the TSD COORD page or use the TSD CAQ function to select one.
    To use a Laser range, simply lase the target.
  16. Raptor9's post in Overtorque was marked as the answer   
    Please don't misconstrue what any SME's say about the flight model into such a wide generalization. There are still inaccuracies on both the flight model as well as the SCAS and powertrain modeling.
    Is the raw, overall handling of the Apache close to real life? Yes. However there are still minute behaviors that are not accurate, such as engine oscillations as one example.
    A lot of players (not directing this at anyone in particular) seem to keep forgetting that it's only been two weeks since initial release into early access, and are getting wrapped around the axle as if this is the final product. I don't speak for the dev team, but the early access process will take time, just as it has with other complex aircraft like the F-16 amd F/A-18.
    I'm not addressing the OP's comments in this reply, since it is difficult to determine the accuracy of his observations without knowing precisely the conditions and control inputs myself. But some players would probably have a more enjoyable experience and learning process if they stop bringing external assumptions to the module (again, not directing this at anyone in particular).
  17. Raptor9's post in Always start left engine first? was marked as the answer   
    In normal operations, AH-64D's in the US Army were/are always started with the left engine (No 1) first.  It's not an absolute requirement, it's just common practice unless there is some other reason, like a maintenance test pilot evaluating certain things on the right engine (No 2) without the need to start the left, etc.  I can't speak for British Apaches since they have a different engine setup than US AH-64D's, but any un-equal wear and tear on the engine or nose gearboxes by starting the left engine first is statistically insignificant compared to the stresses the engines and powertrain routinely experience in flight, which is within its design tolerances.
  18. Raptor9's post in Elec generators was marked as the answer   
    Thats how it is. Same behavior occurs in other helicopters as well, like the Ka-50. You need to bring the power levers to Fly before turning the APU off, and need to turn it on before bringing the power levers to Idle.
  19. Raptor9's post in Sight select? was marked as the answer   
    It selects what sight you are aiming weapons with. Bear in mind though that at the moment the Pilot only has HMD available for selection. The CPG has HMD or TADS.
  20. Raptor9's post in RLWR: No Laser Warnings? was marked as the answer   
    It's coming later in early access
  21. Raptor9's post in Mainly a question for the SMEs: Why the blend of units? was marked as the answer   
    Because the Apache was designed to operate as an Army "maneuver" unit, just as other ground forces like tanks. These ground forces use MGRS, which is a metric based system.
    This is why it has a blend of nautical mile/feet based measurements for speed, altitude and distance, but performs targeting in metric, with the option to also toggle distance calculations for navigation to metric as well.
    The flexibility to integrate with multiple types of air and ground forces is also apparent with its integrated use of Lat/Long in its point file system.
    As for fuel, I imagine it just makes it easier to manage munitions and fuel loads when they are all in a mass based measurement of pounds, versus having the fuel measured in volume in gallons.
  22. Raptor9's post in TACAN was marked as the answer   
    Nope, US Army AH-64D only had ADF.
    It is worth noting the VHF radio can be tuned to VOR stations for receive only operations (for things like HIWAS or FSS), but can't direction find using it.
  23. Raptor9's post in Bug? Both crewmembers shared same IHADDS mode. was marked as the answer   
    It is correct. George doesn't change the symbology mode for himself, and any documentation that states it isn't common for both crewstations is wrong.
    The only time the crewmembers will have different symbology modes is when the CPG is sight selected TADS, in which case he will have Weapon symbology. But flight symbology mode is always common between crewstations.
  24. Raptor9's post in IHADSS - Direction compass tape was marked as the answer   
    No there isn't. Due to the nature of how the AH-64D was intended to fight, and how it performs targeting and engagements, it is more critical to know where the aircraft is pointed, however you do get directional indications of where the TADS is pointed, or where the opposite crewmember's sensor is looking.
  25. Raptor9's post in Quick way to set acquisition source to PHS as CPG? was marked as the answer   
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