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  1. great work !!! Dear Aviodev team, can you get us some delay for AFM Integration ? thanks Really hope this aircraft will'not be and rest an empty coconut like on another famous Flight Simulator ;/
  2. excellent start Mizzy ! love the black livery of this one! Yep you can add scratches here and there but definitely a great start !!!=b ;)
  3. Sorry, can't help you much as far I don't have access to my my PC. may be you also export hiden objects/mesh ?
  4. Hi Siver' it could be your "collision model" which is in fault, I dont have access to my PC for several weeks/ months. Is the collision model applied on all the mesh ?
  5. Piece of art as always ! Xstounds is definitly one of the DCS Spielberg :thumbup:
  6. I see a great work here, nice begining. I've tried to did the same with the Su-25t a while now, with more or less success I agree : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=129663
  7. Great communication Zeus67 ! Thanks !!!
  8. Wow !! Eponsky ! Love those angles !! http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2694404&postcount=12233 =b
  9. Great work !! This M2000 will be a must have !
  10. Excellent work Dimi !! Clearly a nice addition to the sim ! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  11. wonderful Snowsniper !!! I can't test this because away from my rig but this sound awesome with friends ! Great job !
  12. Hi, just purchased this campaign, I'm unable to locate the docs & briefing after installation. Thanks for help and support ;)
  13. Dear all, as far as I know, shadow settings set to "OFF" disable shadows on the terrain but also "in cockpit view" If this not too time consuming, it would be great to get separate option for terrain shadows & cockpit shadows. Thanks for reading this :thumbup:
  14. Many thanks for this Boberro !! and thanks also to whaah for the JSGME packs ;)
  15. yep, would also like to try these new clouds ! Great work Mizzy !
  16. Great work Skate ! what happened to the SuperSabre ? Is it still in dev ? Thanks
  17. Antonov An-2 has it as well if I remember well.
  18. Because of the cool air :D (those kinds of fans are iconic on russian aircraft)
  19. Same here despite a pretty fast CPU (i7 3770k @4.7Ghz)
  20. Have you checked ? Not working for me on latest patch
  21. may be try DDS DXT1 with Alpha, and also try with no mipmaps
  22. Thanks, here it is as a mod ready for DCS (You can find it under "structures") : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzy06scTcPcnSWJjMWF5dHdnMVk/view?usp=sharing Have fun ;)
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