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  1. I've read through all the posts in this thread and I'd like to give my 2 cents. I'm a typical online simmer. I've never played through a single campaign since I started playing flight sims 13 years ago. I am a Kickstarter backer who is qualified for the Normandy map, so I own the assets pack automatically. As a result, selling the Normandy map and the WWII assets pack separately won't affect my decision at all, since I don't need to make one in the first place. First of all, there is no denying that more choice is better for offline players. And I don't think the split of DCS: WWII online community, as some of the people here worried about, would happen this time. The reason is simple, we already have a pretty large player base that owns both the map and the assets pack, formed by the qualified backers. I can foresee the most popular WW2 servers will be those using both the Normandy map and the assets pack. This will force new players to buy the bundle in order to join the online community. However, their worries don't mean nothing either. When ED starts selling the 2nd map and the 2nd assets pack in the future, it will be hard to judge what option most players would choose. If initially the quantity of the players who owns both the 2nd map and the 2nd assets pack is LESS THAN that of the players who only owns the map because, let's say, the 2nd assets pack is overpriced, there will be more servers that opt to NOT use the 2nd assets pack. And because the majority of the online community is playing in these servers, new comers will tend to take time and try the map first before deciding whether to buy the 2nd assets pack or not. This will further populate the servers not using the 2nd assets pack. Thus as the time goes by, the servers using the 2nd assets pack will eventually vanish. New players who love the 2nd assets pack will never be able to enjoy it online any more. This is what happened to some famous AAA titles. And it is what some people here really concerns, if I understand correctly. I also don't want this to happen, because DCS: WWII has the potential to be the most realistic WWII flight sim humans have ever made.
  2. How can I check whether I have DCS 2 Open alpha early access or not?
  3. Why would you want to zoom in VR? Isn't everything of real dimension in the VR world?
  4. I hope we will see some weather effects in the live stream, such as rain, snow and water on planes and the ground etc.
  5. Very nice information! Thank you for sharing with us the precious firsthand experience of Bf-109G handling. I always think the firsthand experience of a real pilot is a substantial piece of information to take into consideration when it comes to authentically creating the flight model of an aircraft in a flight simulator.
  6. Will we get a knee-board/virtual map (zoomable?) with higher resolution and more details (such as forest, railway, towns and airfields)?
  7. Got it. Thank you very much for your explanations!
  8. If you don't need to regenerate a snapshot every time you update the game, then what's the purpose of this feature? Sent from my L50t using Tapatalk
  9. Do I need to generate a snapshot every time I update my game? Does JSGME use files in the snapshots to restore original files when I disable a mod? Or is it that JSGME automatically backs up the affected files before copying the mod files over when I enable a mod and use the backup files to restore the game when I disable it? This question has plagued me for a long time.
  10. I haven't played DCS in a VR environment yet. But why would you want to zoom in when you are playing in VR? You should be already in real-life scale.
  11. Clearly, I was referring to msalama. I totally trust the efforts ED has put into making of these warbirds. Dora now feels much more realistic to fly. And its FM truly is very exquisite. What I don't like is the attitude you respond to players' feedback. In my eyes, you act as if you were the original designer of these warbirds. But I'm sure even the original designers of those planes would never treat pilots' feedback like you do. And that's why they were successful. The same truth lies in the operating of a company. Consider oneself always right won't do him/her any good in the tough world of business. This has been proven with many great titles in the game market.
  12. I'm wondering whether Willy Messerschmit and Kurt Tank asked their test pilot to prove "in an unequivocal way (or near enough)" that what they observed from test piloting the prototypes of Bf 109 and Fw 190 was true before they rectified their design. :megalol: If the engineering scientist who made the FM of the Kurfurst had designed a piston engin fighter which is one of the most-produced warplanes in history, I would have taken every single word he said. Otherwise, he is only an ordinary aviation fan who know more aeronautical theories than us. It is just ridiculous to neglect the flight report from a pilot who has hands-on experience on the plane while you have nothing.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. However, you can clearly see in the video that the head of the Kingcobra drop down naturally after passing the top of the zoom climb. The Kurfurst in game won't be behave like that, it will fall with its head up like a brick. You have to pull quite an amount of stick to force its head down, which is weird because at that speed, the elevator would have little to none authority. I tried recording a track. But the track replayed differently than how I actually flew. The Kurfurst in game behaves very similarly to the Mosquito in this video: [ame] [/ame] However, the Kurfurst is much lighter than the Mosquito. And it was doing a shallow climb, not a zoom climb.
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