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  1. Thank you. I will start to get setup later on.
  2. There are so many settings to try tweaking, it is a bit overwhelming. Appreciate ideas on a good preset to start. Here are my specs: i7 11700, 2.5 GHz 8 cores 16 G RAM at 3200 MHz RTX 3060 12Gb 1 TB SSD NVMe M.2 ASUS 34" curved monitor Thanks.
  3. OK, thank you very much. I will start reading up on that one. Appreciate your reply. John
  4. I have been reading up on moving things to secondary displays. I have a small 7" touch screen monitor that I would like to move the UFC to. I have seen examples of moving things like the MFDs and other indicators to secondary monitors, but I cannot find any reference to the UFC. Q: Can it be moved to another display? Apologies if I missed it, but I am coming back after several years of being out of touch. Thanks. John
  5. All; I am working on getting a new rig and have a couple of recent posts as well as some others I have been following. I am a bit confused on the fps discussions. Folks are talking about getting from 50 to 60+ fps or from 40 to 50. So I can understand it and learn; at what point is it over the top for looking at a 32inch monitor? I mean, can you really tell playing at 60 fps v 50fps? Thanks. John
  6. All; After about a three year hiatus for a new job and moving, I am finally ready to get back into DCS. I need a new rig and I see there are so many threads on what is a "good" rig, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this one: CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8120A I have a GTX960 I would pop in as well. Processor Type Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz (Max 4.2GHz) Multi-Core Technology Quad-Core 64-bit Computing Yes Processor Main Features Intel Turbo Boost Technology Cache 8MB L3 Cache Mainboard Processor Socket LGA 1150 Chipset Type Intel Z170 Chipset Memory Installed Size 32GB / 32GB (Max) Technology DDR4 SDRAM Form Factor DIMM 288-pin Features Dual Channel Memory Architecture Configuration Features 4 x 8GB Storage Controller Controller Interface Type SATA III Channel Qty 6 Storage Controller (2nd) Controller Interface Type SATA II Channel Qty 0 Storage Hard Drive 2TB - SATA III - 7200 rpm; 256GB SSD Graphics Controller Type PCI Express x16 - plug-in card Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 Video Memory 4GB Dedicated Video Memory Digital Video Standard DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort Audio Output Type Sound Card - Integrated Sound Output Mode High Definition Audio Compliant Standards Realtek® ALC887 Miscellaneous Features Liquid Cooling System Power Device Type Power Supply Voltage Required AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz) Power Provided 800 Watt Operating System / Software OS Preinstalled Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit Edition Thanks. John
  7. It is not a bug, but actual reality as stated. Runway headings are not absolute as roadrabbit said as runway 27 is not necessarily 270 exactly. ILS signals are directional and are set to to be the exactly "down" the runway. Assuming there is no Localizer offset which I have seen one of in my old training days in the civ world. You will find the same thing with the TACAN as it is not always exactly on the middle of the runway. John
  8. Try using the space bar on the keybaord. With many different variations on key-mapping, the training missions sometimes are specific to actual keys. Also, when you get to the guns mission, it will say to disengage the autopilot. Their are two switched on the HOTAS to do that and only one will be recognized in the tutorial was my experience. Hope that helps. John
  9. I create my plane in the mission editor and assign it the callsign Uzi. When I play the sim and contact the tower to start up, I am referred to as Pig. Any ideas on why there is a mismatch? Thanks. John
  10. Ditto. That 4 minutes seems like an hour:) John
  11. I'm going to try and see if the back course would work. The BC is very useful in the cases where there is an overcast deck but it is not too low, so you can "shoot" the BC approach. Alternatively, we have practiced doing the ILS and then when getting under the clouds you just setup a normal pattern to go over to the other runway. It is called an ILS to Circle to Land approach. Once you have established "contact" with the runway environment you can scoot around at 400' if you want to and land. It is done a lot a smaller uncontrolled fields. Of course it is your fault if you clip power lines at 100 feet:) With all the new GPS stuff, it won't be long before a lot of this all goes away. John
  12. Yes, the ILS is for runway 07. The signal however should be received no matter where the aircraft is located as long as it is in the range of the station. I did reset the weather and then the mission was using runway 07 and I recevied the signal. TACAN worked fine as I would expect. John
  13. OK, I had made a mission starting at Kobuleti. No wind, weather, clouds, or precip. I was instructed to use runway 07 and the ILS of 111.50 worked fine. I decided to change my mission a little bit, so I used dynamic weather and when I saved and reloaded the mission I was now using runway 25 due to winds. Upon starting to come back in to land, I tuned in the ILS (I realized I was on the opposing runway) and there was no tone and the flags were pegged as no signal. I thought I had messed up. I reverted to no weather in the mission editor, fired the mission back up using start from runway. I was then placed on runway 07 and the ILS was magically working again. I know they shut off the ILS in the real world if we are using the opposing runway (unless it has a BC component), but I didn't know that the sim did that also. Is this true or have I spaced out totally? Thanks. John
  14. Thanks much. Mkes me feel better in at least I am not crazy. Unfortunate though, as I would have liked to watch my bombing runs. John
  15. Worked perfectly! Thanks Night. John
  16. I have to be missing something... I complete a mission I created and when I quit I select the Save Track function. I go back in to watch the track and all I see is my head moving around and some of the buttons/switches being pushed. The plane never leaves the ground.... I accelerate the time compression and it happens faster but nothing happens. What the ??? Also, none of my avionics come on and the canopy never closes. I am using the iPad VC App and the HOTAS and Cougar MFD. Is that part of it? Gotta say I find the track boggling at this point. Thanks. John
  17. Awesome, thanks. I had it as a flyover point and the altitude was set for 6000'. I will changed it to 33 (which must be ground level) and I will have to fire up the sim and re-fly it. It makes sense now:) John
  18. I must be missing something and hope you all can help. I have created a flight plan of waypoints in the mission editor. I take off and proceed to my ingress point. It shows on my HUD as INGRESS as that is what I labeled it in the mission editor, so I know I have that correct. My next waypoint is the target which I labeled TARGET. It is the center of the small airfield we used during a lot of the training missions. I have positioned 4 tanks, one at the end of each of the two runways. I click the DMS switch with HUD SOI and the TARGET waypoint appears and directs me to the target point. So far so good, but now it breaks down in one crucial area. I have the TGP on and make it SOI, and ready to go. I have TARGET waypoint selected and at about 8 miles I hit the autopilot to hold my course line at about 6000 feet. I have labels turned on and can "see" the targets ahead of me. I hit CHINA HAT AFT LONG to slave the TGP to the steerpoint. The TGP then focuses straight ahead but straight past the target to the mountains behind the airfield. I have to slew for many seconds to get the slewing cursor back down to the airfield. I am zoomed way out so I know I am not missing it. Takes way too long and I can then only get one shot off. What am I missing with slaving the TGP to the steerpoint? Is the waypoint I created not the steerpoint? Sorry, I am really stumped on this one as the videos seem to show whatever waypoint is selected getting put right to the center of the TGP when using the CHINA HAT AFT LONG. I am sure it is simple. Any help would be great. Thanks. John
  19. I have to say that the price of the app is well worth the enjoyment you get out of being able to have the touch screen and all the added switches. I have two iPads running the app and switch back and forth as needed. Install to both iPads was a snap and never a hiccup with them working. I honestly don't understand why the price would be a factor for anyone. John
  20. Actually, CAT IIIc has been around for a while and the airport is not the limiting factor. In a 0/0 environment, the aircraft would have no way to taxi off the runway to the terminal which is why it is not used. A 747 cockpit is about 35 feet off the runway I think and they would have to have a tug come and pull them to the gate. The equipment and airports are capable of it, just no way to move around once you land. John
  21. aaron; Yes sir, I flew through it. I agree; if I am on the runway centerline, the localizer should be straight up regardless of my heading for that brief moment. I came in on a heading of about 235 for Rwy 13 and when I went through 130 degrees I never saw a steering bar for the localizer. I flew the ILS training mission again last night and I saw that the yellow steering bars kind of "jumped" alive in that one as well. I think if you have "pegged" them they do not always slide back but seem to jump back onto the AH. I need to focus on the CDI and the glideslope indicator on the far left of the artificial horizon and run it again. I am used to the needles moving more smoothly through the travel I guess. I appreciate the feedback, and at least you can pause this guy and sort it all out as opposed to those days doing real IFR down to 800 feet. Never mind 200 and 1/2 in the real world for CAT I. Never had to do one in that poor of conditions. John
  22. I finally figured out that I had the needles in the STOW position on the Nav panel which was driving me crazy. I took a flight from Kobuleti to Batumi. I set up a nice glide on about a 90 angle to fly through runway 13. I flew through the localizer and the yellow needle never appeared. I then made a hard bank to the left and then it suddenly showed up. I had the morse tone the whole time and once the needles appeared it seemed to work fine. Q: Can you have TACAN and ILS selected at the same time? I realize the sim will let both buttons show the green triangle, but I am not sure what you actually register with the needles on the CDI? I am an actual IFR rated pilot, so it seems like the needles should have come alive when I flew through the localizer and "slid" across the CDI as I went through it. Any thoughts on what I am missing and my question? thanks! John
  23. Got it, thanks. When I create the waypoints, I drag them around and it displays the Lat/Lon coordinates. If I want to tweak those (so I can be precise with the Entry/Exit point as an example), I don't see a way to actually type in the coordinates. I can alter them in the CDU once the jet is up and running, but that seems to be the hard way. Ideas? Thanks again for your help. John
  24. There is skill Player (in yellow), and Client (in grey). I chose Player and it works. What is Client? John
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