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  1. I got the same error. I closed DCS and reopened it and went back to the module manager and it downloaded fine the 2nd time. Maybe the servers are overloaded?
  2. No its never dropped. Maybe when I load a SC up with static aircraft, static objects and full flight ops maybe it drops 5FPS tops. and I'm using a Ryzen 9 3900X, X570 main board, 32GB 3600Mhz ram and a RTX 2080 Super. and my rez is at 1440p too and its never bogged down on me once since release. even when I stream on twitch using my GPU for the video encoder it doesn't drop. Maybe my PC is some golden child of performance i Don't know but just saying I've never seen more then 5FPS drop on my MSI afterburner overlay. I'm not saying I don't believe you guys i totally do I just haven't experienced any of those issues
  3. Personally I never saw a performance hit with my system when the Supercarrier module came out and I got it from day one. I'm not denying that others have or are experiencing this happening. If the Module can be improved for the people having issues then ya I hope ED takes a serious look at it and works through it. But I still stand by my previous posts. Is what it is I guess
  4. Statremike I totally agree and understand your point. But I'm looking at how this person is trying to prove an issue when there is more at play that most are not seeing. Like Minsky you wanna do some real trouble shooting. What is a full list of all your hardware. Full detailed specs including PSU, Mainboard, Ram speeds, XMP profiles, as for the GPU, what model of 960 is it. is it over clocked. then you have to look at what is your full PC doing when this is happening. What is your CPU running at for Ghz for all cores including Temps, what is the CPU usage%, What is the GPU usage%, what is the Vram usage of your GPU, what is the Mhz of the GPU, what are the Temps, what is your system ram usage. Like you need to consider all those factors before just jumping to DCS has an issue. Once again Im looking at both sides not just one. This thread started with Minsky's issue so ya its the focus in this discussion. Doesn't mean we cant have other discussions towards DCS being better optimized. Like if you had shown that information I would be able to have a better educated idea of the possibilities on your direct issue with performance. You guys can be as blunt as you want with me. I have thick skin but You need to investigate all avenues. I'm going off my experience with PC hardware and software. So that information would honestly help us a group figure out...is this a "your PC" problem or is this a DCS problem. Or is it both
  5. I'm not dismissing there could be an issue with DCS but its the fact that someone going on and on about how they are not getting good performance and its getting worse as the game get further developed while using such outdated hardware...I'm going to call it like I see it. Minsky seems(if im wrong let me know) that there is no issue with his under powered GPU and its all DCS and I disagree. I believe his first issue is the GPU and the second issue might be DCS if others are experiencing it to some degree. To me it seems simple. You can't complain about lack of performance with a game when you don't even meet their "current" recommend specs for performance. Min Spec means the game will run, Doesn't mean it gonna run good, it means it will launch and run. Recommend means it will run to some degree of high performance(varies on how good your hardware is). So maybe in your cause and other with older GPUs the issues is 2 sided. You do have an old GPU that is an under performer. 2nd if there is an optimization issue then maybe its still the GPU. Nvidia Maxwell GPUs are old now. Maybe it can't be optimized like newer hardware is. So once again you have to use logic and look at where you stand and all the avenues before you start that finger pointing. Asking ED to optimize your GPU Architecture is kinda unfair as its once again a GPU below the recommended specs. I do get your issue and I feel for ya but I think your just being one sided here mate.
  6. Hey Minsky I'm not gonna get into a debate with this over you. But seriously your complaining about performance and you don't even meet the "recommended" specs for DCS or the supercarrier. Your just over minimum specs when it comes to the GPU...so time face the facts and reality there mate. The game is being optimized on more modern hardware and Architecture. So this is still a "You" problem. Get a newer and better GPU if you want a better experience plain and simple. I don't know why that is so hard to understand. Heck I just built my son his first Gaming PC and its has a GTX 1650 Super. It's only cost $230 CAD and it would preform leaps and bounds over a GTX 960 4GB. You have an issue with ED but your experience has to be taken with a grain of salt due to the lower hardware you are using as it still doesn't even meet the recommended specs of the game. I'm using a RTX 2080 Super. Yes its an expensive high end card and when supercarrier came out I never once seen a FPS drop compared to before when running at 1440P rez. So take what you will from this and really think about your own position before that finger of your starts pointing again. And just a little cheat sheet for ya. Nineline even commented here stating that "Your GPU is going to struggle". It's below spec for anything above "low settings". They might not take your issues seriously in a technical support point of view because of once again your lower end hardware doesn't even meet recommended specs
  7. Minsky, I've told you this before in this same thread, the performance loss your experiencing isn't an optimization issue with DCS. If your hardware is still the same from the start of this post then your GTX 960 4GB is a 5 year old mid-range GPU. It doesn't have the CUDA cores or clock speeds to handle the newer textures that DCS has released. This is a "YOU" problem. Plain and simple you need a new GPU and you i5 CPU isn't the top performer either and is going to be holding you back too. So it's funny people with modern new good PC hardware are getting increases cause that is just how it works. It's optimization is done with modern hardware not old Nvidia Maxwell Architecture GPUs. Please stop pointing the finger at ED when this is clearly an issue of you needing a new GPU. OK
  8. Sapphire R9 390 NITRO....Also a 5 year old GPU
  9. Minsky I'm sorry to say your PC hardware is pretty dated and ya it's just not dated it was mid-range when it was new. Like you i5-6500 is only a 4core/4thred CPU. DCS takes alot of CPU horsepower now with everything that is going on around you. Also a GTX 960 4Gb is getting pretty dated too. I bet that GPU is running at 100% all the time. It is what it is. I was in the same boat as you before. I wanted my game to look pretty and also have like 80-100FPS so i had to invest in a Ryzen 9 3900X and a RTX 2080 Super. The more they develop this with newer improved textures the more taxing its going to be on your hardware
  10. SC is delayed eh...WTF!!!! Well as disappointed as I am I rather it work then get all pissed off that my module is broken. ED Just don't make us wait other month or 2 or 6.
  11. After the most recent beta update all my F-14 module bindings went back to default for the tomcat. This common cause now its a real pain to reset everything. Thanks for the headache Heatblur.
  12. Hey everybody, Sorry if this is a NOOB question. I'm did a bunch of searches for this this before I posted so if it has been covered before I havent found it. My question is during single-player how do you set 2 aircraft to take off at the same time on the same runway in formation. I've seen it in missions and most recently during an F-14B training mission. I just need to know how to set that up in the editor. Thanks
  13. I feel cheated to be honest but really nothing can be done. ED was prepared to support the module but VEAO wanted to run and hide. So hopefully their new contracts prevent this from happening again. I won't lie I asked for my money back but it is not gonna happen. ED isn't gonna lift a finger to those who tried to support it from the beginning. It was nice to vent...Time to move forward to the upcoming new modules to fly
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