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  1. I have a question on the jettison stores setup. Certainly I see the stl files contain the 4 parts. However I don't see the button that would fit inside the outer switch body (not that I can't cad a disk) or honestly how it would work. I'm sure its my ignorance shining through. Any feedback?
  2. JSelf I just want to thank you for your hard work. This is rather exceptional and I'm looking forward to completing the pit with your creations. Just got the landing gear switch printed and assembled (minus the micro switch, its in the mail). Going to cut the hole in the panel this afternoon. Your the kind of guy that keeps this hobby going.
  3. I purchased a Reverb G2. The resolution is not as good in the Pimax, it is a generation older. I honestly love the FOV but its a trade with res. I know I miss the peripheral abilities of the Pimax when using the Reverb and to be honest, I'm not that impressed with the sweet spot of the G2. I don't consider the Reverb a step up in overall immersion, more a lateral move.
  4. Used for DCS only. In excellent condition. Base station included in price. Shipping extra. I've purchased a new headset and no longer use this one.
  5. It could be an extension of the ground crew command lines easy enough I'd think. Could add some immersion.
  6. I have been successfully performing AAR for a number of years now and I rather enjoy having / maintaining the skill to do so. Having said that, given an auto function could easily be made selectable for servers I encourage the implementation. It can only further the reach of DCS to people which in the end makes more maps, more aircraft, and more fun for me.
  7. Yeah more than likely a deadzone problem. Joystick falling out of calibration slightly over time is likely the issue.
  8. I bought my plans from Tejay. https://imgur.com/gallery/SYY58RR Well worth is. Got them cut at a cabinet shop close by.
  9. I'll admit to being demanding and take it as a recognition of the requirements of providing a high fidelity product.
  10. I water cool because its effective and if I'm honest, I really like the look of it. The computer in my room is a piece of art and I enjoy creating it. Sure, there's air systems just as effective but it doesn't have the wow factor I want when I come into my room.
  11. its a good module. Depends on your MP. If your in a coop squad then its a good buy, if your just doing MP dogfights by yourself, no.
  12. Zuckerberg is pretty much Satan soooo, no, I wouldn't have anything to do with his hardware. And no I don't have a Facebook or Instagram account.
  13. Im aware of the difference between the CD and EF versions. I take my statement from a fellah (actual navy F pilot) we flew with in our squad who said he didn't need a back seater for anything.
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