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  1. lorenzoj

    Hawk or C101

    Yes....lol.... that's why I put the "minor" in quotes. Hopefully someone will get to a carrier strike trainer in the not too distant future however..... The SU 27 is a bit much to fit that role and being able to work through a "real" carrier training syllabus in multiplayer would be excellent
  2. lorenzoj

    Hawk or C101

    Did not know that but the resemblance was so close so should have suspected the connection.... Even more reason to encourage VEAO to consider putting a tail hook and catapult tow bar (and the FEW other "minor" mods required) on a model perhaps. A carrier trainer would be excellent...
  3. lorenzoj

    Hawks HUD

    So far it looks to me like the Hawk and C-101 developers are both exceptionally responsive to users comments and concerns..... Nice to see at this stage
  4. lorenzoj

    Hawk or C101

    Got both during the sale...... Both fun and interesting even for betas..... Would love to see a hawk version with a tailhook..... Kinda reminds me a bit of a T-45 Navy/Marine carrier strike trainer... ?
  5. lorenzoj

    Hawk brakes

    For me, the Hawk steers just fine on the taxiways using the rudder pedals.... No independent braking ability required yet
  6. If you're not really new to DCS you know up front they have frequent "sales" and the discount will vary per module dependent on a number of factors. Some stuff I wanted asap and paid full price and that was ok cause I knew the money was going into the product development. Other modules I chose to wait for the upcoming sale and usually the wait was pretty short. Costs for developers can add up quickly and cash flow is often anemic so I don't fault the use of "sales" and other promotions as long as the new goodies arrive from time to time.
  7. I activated my Saitek Combat toe brakes while airborne in the Dora but forgot to invert. Not pretty when the wheels touched the runway with the brakes full on.... Oooops
  8. Had not been able to pull off even one successful takeoff in the DORA. Skipped to the end of this thread, watched iFoxRomeo's little video above, gave it a try and managed three takeoffs with no crashes. Landings.... well, let's just say I usually survive. The aircraft..... not so good.
  9. Definitely a "hide the stick" toggle would be beneficial on most all aircraft
  10. Have you reversed the assignment in the in-game axis controls ?
  11. It's just a beta so those things will be coming along later with lots of other tweeks I'm sure
  12. You're the best Cibit. Thank you so much. I've got a new board and main processor installed. Once I upgrade the gpu I'll be able to handle the precipitation and then some
  13. Not really very experienced with the ME but getting it figured out a bit. At least I can get the fps back up in your mission. Any suggestion for weather settings to get the general basic conditions you were trying for in your mission except without precipitation .... ?
  14. Hey Cibit, The new mission looks good. Thanks again for your efforts. Until I upgrade my graphics card I still have a problem with precipitation. When I fired up your latest, it was snowing and my fps dropped into the single digits. Clouds etc seem ok, but any precipitation and it's unplayable for me right now. Oh well, I have my upgraded power supply ready to install then I can start thinking about a new gpu card
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