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  1. I still havent worked out how to move the UI properly, so I deal with them the same way i deal with the F10 view. I have a streamdeck button set up, (but you could use any key mapping/macro software), that sets my display warping back to normal desktop '2D' setting, them presses F10. So one key press gets me back to the 2D F10 map view. I mostly turn the other in game overlays off. If i could find a way to easily move them I would, but I cant get them to warp correctly with the outside viewport. https://github.com/RobinMLi/DCS-CDU-Display Thats the code i used. Make sure you read the instructions (like i didnt first go around) and change your default font, otherwise some special characters wont display and you will get all sorts of nonsense displaying
  2. My build thread has been mostly retired, because all the photos were lost in the great photobucket disaster a few years ago. Everything is now over on my website www.thewarthogproject.com if you are keen to still see it progressing. I add pages on there whenever a major change happens. I still snoop here now and then though! Cheers lads!
  3. Resurrecting an old thread just to add my two cents. Got mine working using some cheap switches and electromagnets. Cheers!
  4. Hello!!! And about Aces project. Is it FLIM`s drawings? Tks. 

  5. Wow that looks brilliant! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  6. FILES UPDATED AGAIN - 17 SEP 2020 I'd recommend deleting any you have and using these new ones. Lots more goodies in there now. Some of the additions- - PDF Versions of each panel for printing templates on paper - DXF Versions of each panel for laser/cnc cutting - Some STL Files for 3D printing some very basic knobs i made up, as well as the corner panels, HUD Camera and UFC case. [emoji106]
  7. You could do what I did and use a ON OFF (ON) toggle switch. So it's momentary one way. The cover will hold the momentary end closed, and when you lift the toggle it will naturally centre into the off position, and you tell DCS that's the lift toggle command. You won't even notice any diffence to a normal on off toggle. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi lads! 1.6 looks very slick- well done! I love the idea of not having to manually move viewports pixel by pixel anymore. Question- Has anyone managed to get a Phidgets64 LED board working with this? I just tried 1.6 then and it doesnt see my Phidgets64 as an interface, as 1.4 didnt. My cockpit is still running Gadrocs original release! Would love to update- but i need my caution box! Cheers :thumbup:
  9. I'd also like to add that the dust from MDF can absolutely be toxic. 'When MDF is cut, sanded, shaped or machined in any way, it releases clouds of dust particles coated with formaldehyde. ... There is evidence that formaldehyde-exposed workers have high rates of lung cancer and (nose and throat) cancer.' I built my cockpit from MDF, but I made sure that I worked in a ventilated area, and I wore a P3 mask. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  10. Good Evening Gents! Sorry i have not been active on the forums for a long time! I logged in today and just realised how behind on the times i am! There is an A-10C II coming!! Sweet baby jesus!! :pilotfly: I have updated my panel files and fixed the link in the other thread. Here is is as well- CLICK HERE In the time Ive been gone ive still been working on my pit (It now had a triple projecter setup with a 270 degree screen surface) and flying it much more now as well :pilotfly:. Ive been far more active on Instagram and Youtube than the forums- I have posted a few videos below. So- Sorry for the (very) delayed responses to the questions posted above- but here are some answers nontheless. Cheers! The F1-F12 keys on the CDU are programmed via Helios. Just add the input command as a keyboard press. I used the same method for my ejection handles, they dont actually send any command to DCS, they just hit CTL E three times. From memory I squeezed six of them out of two sheets. Unfortunatley I never had any plans for that one, it was all Mark 1 eyeball and a hacksaw. The original write up is linked in the first post- but all the pictures are well and truly dead. If you still want a look shoot me an email @thewarthogproject@gmail.com and ill be happy to share some. I used this one - CLICK HERE It was connected via HDMI. Unfortunatly since i switched to 3 projectors i have had to disconnect it (i dont have enough video outputs on my PC). Im hunting other solutions now- be it a PI or another graphics card. Still researching. Yeah sorry the link broke. New one updated and above as well.
  11. The font is the correct Military Standard stuff- It's called MS33558. Just throw that into Google and you will find it available on plenty of free font sites. :thumbup:
  12. Open the PDF's in your software of choice (I use coreldraw) and you can edit/export them to any file type you would like. The PDF's are saved in the correct scale. I chose PDF as it is the easiest for most people to view and/or print.
  13. Ahh i missed that! Not sure how it happened - my cockpit also has that error! Cheers i fixed it up.
  14. Hi lads! Sorry i havent been active around these parts lately- logged in today and just finished replying to my DM's. Updated the files again- added the poster, added all the decals i had printed for warning labels and such, as well as tweaked a few minor issues. Also changed from the Dropbox link to Google Drive! Cheers!
  15. Thanks for all you have done mate. The only reason I can fly my cockpit it because of what you were able to achieve for this community. Thanks a million.
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