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  1. For DCS 1.5x - all events on chat are disabled (player x killed player y, player x landed at y, etc.) - envelope icon is disabled - blue text on chat is now green JSGME ready. No events on chat.rar
  2. 1. Go to DCS World OpenBeta\Config\Effects 2. Open clouds.lua (use notepad++) 3. Go to line 3 and change enabled = false to enabled = true 4. Remember these new clouds eat fps like crazy because they are still wip.
  3. For now you can edit mul_chat.lua located in \MissionEditor\modules Go to line 62 and change false to true. Remember to use notepad++
  4. Strange thing, i don't have extreme.lua in \Config\terrain I can set extreme in options but see no difference because file is missing. I was trying do a repair, i checked autoupdate_log but everything looks ok. Can anyone verify that this file is missing?
  5. I know i can move it. But i just want to delete that envelope icon from my screen completely.
  6. @BManx2000 Hey, thx for the mod. I just want to get rid of that mail icon, can you tell me what i need to change?
  7. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030
  8. Gameplay and a lot of info on remaster version.
  9. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=127098
  10. Good news, nice to have you back here. Welcome to Suse is best mission i played in DCS ;] Cheers.
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