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  1. HMS Vanguard - A couple of errors need fixing - the tail is completely wrong, its an enclosed prop array with a fin above below and to each side of that tail unit, not a twin fin at 45 degrees. see images below. Change this line to this : This sits her correctly on the water. GT.baseSubmersion = -3.2 There are 2 harpoons standing about 8ft above the rear deck - that can be fixed easily by changing these 2 lines: GT.WS[ws].pos = {-23.594, -7.002, 2.54} GT.WS[ws].pos = {-15.594, -7.002,-2.54} There is a piece of something sitting above the bow about 5 ft in front of the ship above the waterline, it needs removing Wake file included. hms_vanguard.lods.ship_wake
  2. Would be lovely to see an Astute Class boat Hawkeye, have you come across one anywhere. These updates are excellent, thank you Marroux .
  3. Good images here of the types in UK service: You can see how the shape and style of a boat similar to SD Tempest can be very similar to a much smaller boat, the trick is to spot the crew on the bridge and notice the size of the hatches. (That's Doors for you landlubbers !!) http://www.ussalbion.co.uk/rmauxfleet.html
  4. I agree the Razbam model is a tad undersized when you see the image with the guy stood on the deck, perhaps another 1/8 to 1/4 would about do it, but I doubt they will change it now. Admiral Navy Tugboat seems to be the right size compared to Aquitaine, the Harbour Tug is clearly far too big. The best test is do what Morpheus did, stick a guy next to hatch on the deck, that is the only way to be sure about scale really. Like what your doing with those Admiral, nice boats. Get the size right and they will be fantastic. PS: If its any consolation Hawkeye and I have the same problems with various boats we have done in the past, its a nightmare getting them right sometimes.
  5. Which one is which Morpheus ? In reality these are quite small workboats, as small as a harbour launch. I would say this is a pretty good comparison compared to a Type 45 - this is the Razbam Boat. (I say Razbam reservedly - I'm not really sure who put this is the game recently) Keeping in mind the Type 45's are quite large boats, almost cruiser size.
  6. I was aware it was the same model when I did my skins. I actually started those ages ago for Admirals model but never got around to finishing them. They got lost in the queue somewhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its nice to have more civilian type workboats in the dockyard, so bring them on.
  7. Okay - I see what you have done, the turret ships still have that missile above the bridge and I can see where you have hidden the missiles underneath the launcher on the exocet boats.
  8. Hasn't cured the problem for me, instead of 1 Cruise missile above the bridge I now have 8 cruise missiles, 4 either side of the turret, stuck at same angle. Leander Exocet is okay, its just the turret ships affected.
  9. I understand that Silver Dragon, it was just an observation. A great many mods are affected by the games limitations, was it ever thus. Luckily its just a game and not real life Eh !!
  10. Thats the same as I have, so its strange that you are not seeing that Missile but we are. I have played around with things and I cant see any way to remove it, and I cant see any obvious conflict with other mods. Its a shame Razbams Leanders have 8inch guns (?) in a frigate hull instead of 4.5 inch guns, otherwise I would just settle for their Leander. If I ever find a solution I'll let you know.
  11. I dont have the SA Map either yet but the SA Assets pack is available to everyone now. Is it something to do with the lua's, there are Harpoons described in there ... are they being used instead of Exocets and that's causing the issue. I have known the game to do some really weird things with stuff like this. I have the same problem, so its not just navyBtown. Post a copy of your lua's, lets see if there is a difference between what we have and what you are using.
  12. I dont use this particular F4 model in my game, but knowing the quality of Urbi's work in the past I could not resist downloading it just to admire the quality of these skins. If somebody asked me to mark these out of 10, I would have no hesitation in giving every single one of them 12 - I aspire to your standards Urbi - these are EXCEPTIONAL.
  13. Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5mjbmj0a9omuc5/Admiral156 and crazyeddie's AH101 Merlin V3.zip?dl=0
  14. The 2 letters are the letters displayed on the rear of the flight deck, different for each ship. You can remove those from the file descriptions if you wish, I just put them there for reference as I was doing the skins in case I forgot what they were.
  15. I think he means this -
  16. British Naval Dockyard Tug - Serco ltd (Contracted to all Royal Navy Dockyards) Adjusted wake to '10' - these fat little workboats create a lot of splash - change this line: GT.Tail_Width = 10 Adjusted and corrected textures where I could. Could not change flag - that file (US Flag.dds) is used in numerous other ships Mods and they will take precedent if listed before this Mod in the ME. Mod makers please note, give every texture a unique name, its the only way to fix this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k236pxzyb7vry9u/UK Dockyard Tug Serco.zip?dl=0
  17. There are only 6 ships in the Type 45 Class - I didnt do Defender or Daring, if you are desperate I could knock them out in a few days, its just hull numbers and flight deck letters so not a huge job. Let me know.
  18. I did these for Admiral, 3 others of the class. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzy6r4ay8bt80lv/HMS Duncan Liveries.zip?dl=0
  19. ED continue to evolve the game in different ways, many things in the way maps work has changed over the years and without knowing where they are going next you just have to try and second guess the next change, or make adjustments for the latest change. Sometimes you can do that, sometimes you cannot. Flyable Mods appear to suffer the worst from abandonment its true, but map mods come and go as well. Keeping up with the changes is very time consuming for the people making those mods and its not hard to understand why many just give up. The more complex your Mod the more likely it is to suffer from evolutionary corruption and abandonment. For myself I always aim to work to the 'KISS' principal - Keep It Simple Stupid, but I have had my disappointments as well, too many to remember now. I could make many arguments for why ED should make it easier for modders, how they could make it easier, but in reality it is their game and they have plans to which we are not party and if what we offer is not part of that evolution then so be it, that's how it is. I could even argue they definitely discourage Mods, but that would be unfair, we have the Saved Games facility which gives us huge amounts of freedom to do what we want to their game, sometimes we just have to settle for the option that suits our personal needs best. I think I fit in that box somewhere. Life is full of disappointments - Emilia Clarke refused to marry me when I offered her full access to my Model Railway Magazine collection - I got over it.
  20. I'm old, I cant even remember what I had for breakfast ... and I always have porridge ! I think there was actually an even earlier version of the game just called Flanker ... I seem to remember a very early Rapocha class of ship that was basically a floating box, the aircraft were all 512 x 512 standard skins and it really was poor quality compared to todays game. Its come a long way I'm delighted to say.
  21. Thanks Urbi, that is a really useful.
  22. Was it Flanker perhaps, I forget now. Not important.
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