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  1. The only digital reference I have is this: http://www.gyges.dk/Digital%20Luftwaffe%20WW2%20colours.pdf Hope that helps :)
  2. Ok thanks. I figured they were probably still working it out, but it can't hurt to ask. I'll hold on and wait for the announcement :)
  3. Sith, since you're answering questions, I have a few minor ones: - Will there will still be a community to poll to choose the free aircraft? If so, any idea what kind of time (before all aircraft are released, after some are, etc)? - Will there will even be a free aircraft (or maybe more than 1?)? - Will anything come of the logo competition? These aren't Kickstarter-specific promises/goals/rewards, so I was just wondering what ED intends to do with these minor topics. I'm sure there are other minor community-related things like this which I'm forgetting. I guess I'm just asking whether ED is planning to work with some of the ideas RRG brought to the DCS community outside of Kickstarter.
  4. You mean in the "Missions" section? If I finish mission 4 in the missions section, will I then be able to play mission 5 in the campaign section or will I need to do the campaign missions through the mission section from now on?
  5. I was playing through mission 3 and had to leave home before I could finish it. So, I saved the replay/track and when I got back, I opened the replay, took control near where I left off and then finished the mission. I got "Mission Success" and quit out, but after that, I didn't see any option to progress to the next mission of the campaign. I remember reading somewhere that you can use track files as kind of save files. Is this still true? If so, how do I get the campaign to move onto mission 4, using the track file? If this isn't possible, how do I make the campaign move onto mission 4 anyway (i.e. skip mission 3)?
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if there's some kind of discount that I can get on FC3 if I already own the A-10A and Su-25? At $15, it's a good price for all of the planes, but I've already paid that much for the A-10 and Su-25 (at 50% discount). I can't see any option to get a discount for it, but I thought I'd ask just in case. If not, I guess I'll have to wait until the other FC3 planes are released individually.
  7. For me, I'm just wondering because I have some friends who are moderately interested, but they both only want to fly the P-47. I was hoping to find out what the free aircraft is (but it seems it's not yet known) so that if it's not the P-47, I can choose 3 P-47s and give my friends the keys (the things you do to make friends fly with you...). But if it is the P-47, I'd hate to have essentially wasted 3 of my choices by picking the free aircraft.
  8. Huh? I'm not sure that answers my question...I didn't realise backers voted for the free plane though. Has the vote already happened? If not, does anyone know when it will be?
  9. Originally there were going to be 3 free planes, but it was changed to one free plane. I never ended up seeing a statement which said which plane would b the free one. Has there been any announcement about which plane will be the free plane for DCS WWII? If not, does anyone know and could say? Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any announcement on it and I'm curious to find out which one it will be.
  10. Awesome, thanks! :) It seems a little dark, though, but that might just be the lighting. The one here (http://www.vaasapages.com/pics/AirShow20.06.08/dscn4303.jpg) seems lighter in colour. Other than that, it seems to be a perfect match.
  11. Just noticed this. Is this available for download?
  12. As others have said, your claim that the current backer are the entirety of the 2013 flight sim community is just ridiculous. You're telling me that roughly 2000 customers make up the entire DCS, IL-2:BoS (which has more pre-purchasers than this project has backers...), IL-2:1946, RoF, FSX, X-Plane, all of the hundreds of module makers for the previously mentioned games, and all of the joystick manufacturers? How much must these customers each need to spend, in order for these businesses to be viable?? The problem is not trying to make the game more mainstream; it's trying to attract more simmers. I think that Kickstarter might just never be a great place for flight sims - perhaps most simmers need to be able to get something right away for their money, instead of a promise? It's how I feel, but I don't know if I represent the norm. Also, I don't think Wings of Prey sold well. Birds of Prey (the console release) briefly made it to 6th place on the PS3 sales chart, but only on the day it was released, I believe (maybe from preorders?). PC WoP was a pretty average game and a terrible sim. The servers are dead -they don't even work any more - but a few years ago when they worked, they had less than a dozen players on. I'm not sure why you think WoP was more successful than DCS and RoF; I'm not seeing any evidence of that at all.
  13. I'm usually flying my Su-25, but I get this error when flying everything, not just the Su-25. I've got the Huey module installed and have it activated.
  14. I've flown the Huey since 1.2.6, but I'm still getting the error. I once thought I had a fix for the error, played for 2 hours without crashing and then it crashed with the same error again.
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