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  1. The internal button / throttle noise is down right irritating in my single opinion and breaks immersion, very unrealistic which drives me round the proverbial pole. Rather than complaining about it I wouldn't mind finding a way to disable them.
  2. Then you are obviously after a Lightning T.5 or T.55 ;) :D My list, a short one, in order of preference: Buccaneer S.Mk.2C - If the Navy version is brought along to us then we need at the very least the "Ark" to go with it. Jaguar GR1 /3 - Who doesn't like a puss cat? Lightning F6 or T5 - The T5 great for nudging your multiplayer mate and saying "we are out of gas!" Torndao Gr1/1a - Forget the GR4 guys, its way too recent for DCS - If it don't swing then it ain't worth a thing. Just my two penneth.
  3. If you cant find it closer to the Netherlands we have it here in the UK: https://shop.newgatesimms.com/product/nyogel-767a/
  4. The Royal Air Force stenciling is way too big but otherwise looks pretty good. Perhaps a Squadron crest on the tail fin?
  5. We didn't fly the 111. :) It was considered and even ordered for the Royal Navy but then cancelled due to ongoing technical delays and cost over runs but otherwise the British never got their hands on the Vark. For me its the venerable Tonka GR1 all the way!
  6. Tengah

    Hawk and 2.5.4

    Probad... Terrible post. Sorry but there it is. Folks, the VAEO DCS Hawk is extremely bad news. Coming from a UK legal background I can honestly say that this is one bitter pill we simply have to swallow. One could, of course, attempt to present a legal case towards VAEO but it will cost far more than you, or I, paid for the product. ED as a company are in no way responsible for (within terms & conditions) the actions of any Module developer, the loss of product etc etc etc unless they (ED) have given direct input as to the development & production of a module's creation and sale, bear in mind that VAEO offered their product for purchase via their own website before going to Steam etc. To bring a legal suit of any kind either towards ED or VAEO would prove costly, time consuming and inevitably futile. All we can hope for is perhaps, if ED is feeling generous, some recompense of some kind but they are not obliged to do so and I personally would understand their reluctance. ED MUST tighten their agreements with module dev companies to ensure that this situation never reoccurs. Let us just wait and see what ED can pull out of this rather messy affair. Personally I am more concerned with the negative impact VAEO's actions have had on ED as a business and it's public image. For myself it is a lesson learned: I will not buy pre-release again, the Hawk purchase was a leap of faith. As "probad" mentioned above... Read the EULA's, read your contracts of purchase... Understand the in's and out's before parting with your cash in order to avoid possible disappointment.
  7. So... Airbus keep going and last for years where Boeing are always at the Gas Station and in the Workshop?
  8. It can? O.o As far as my aged memory serves the only RAF Fast Jet Aircraft cleared to operate from rough strips and / or roads were the Harrier and Jaguar. There were plans to operate Tonka's from certain sections of Autobahn in Western Germany but certainly nothing less.
  9. Absolutely Highwayman! Jag would be a nice one, or perhaps the Buccaneer.
  10. I assigned the TACAN rotaries to my Keyboard number pad: 7 for Rotary 1 up, 1 for Rotary 1 down 9 for Rotary 2 up, 3 for Rotary 2 down If that makes sense. Works very well for me.
  11. None of the above. F-105D Thud is my Primary choice, but also the Hawker Siddely Buccaneer S2 and the E.E. Lightning F6. The latter would be a very interesting DCS project, A2A + The limited A2G options.
  12. Skate is that the SSS Group you joined?
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