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  1. Check your Pitot heater is on. When your IAS is to slow your laser will be disabled
  2. With the new MAX2022 version and the newest EDPlugin i am not able to export any of my modells. All files are empty. I made the material "cool" and used "file-export-ed:: model exporter". Any ideas?
  3. activate your trigger after the last pilot has joined the server and the destruction zone should work for everybody. On our squadron server we now uses a repetitive radio trigger, so when a pilot joins the server he can destroy the scene. It works in OB and stable version.
  4. YES dont like it to solve this everytime by a script
  5. Same here with Nellis AFB. ILS doesnt work for me with overcast rain 3
  6. I think, with the new rain- low-vis, this kind of option should be a must have. Yesterday I flew a TCN Approach LSV RWY 21L with rain and I thought its nighttime, it was realy dark. (and the ILS wasnt working, that should be the second option )
  7. There is no tacan. But you can tune in some of the frequencies of the channels. You can find a table of them in the forum Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  8. “Ein Fauler ist kein Dummer“ [emoji6] Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  9. Ich habe die miz-dateien gleich mit meinem Zip-programm verknüpft. Spart das umbenennen und ich arbeite ganz oft in den lua-dateien ohne den Missionseditor zu nutzen. Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  10. Paypal geht auch, schon immer. Ich meine auch noch weitere Möglichkeiten. Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  11. Did you test that in air or on the ground? It is moved by drag and never retracts 100% Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  12. Works fine for me. All switches from two arcazeboard with in total 84 switches/functions recovered :-) I just opened the exe via a command line which i created in Notepad/Editor. So i had only to copy some filenames instead of tipping all the filenames
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