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  1. Hello! When starting DCSW I encounter the following popup window (pic 1). After I have installed the previously purchased NTTR terrain I gert another popup window (pic 2) anbd NTTR fails to activate even though I provide the correct activation code. Please help me resolve this problem
  2. The new update requires 60 something GB on my SSD... It looks like I have to uninstall modules to get updated :-(
  3. After an update I was confronted by a situation when the updater told me that the possibility of downloading an update to another drive and installing from there is no longer available. I don't think this is a good decision because a lot of DCSW users have it on an SSD and finding the extra space needed for an update can be a problem. I only have about 16 Gb free on my 256 Gb SSD and the update needed more than 20. I really had to think hard how to free up disk space...
  4. Thanks for the help! I have updated DCS and the problem is now gone :-)
  5. Every time I run DCS an activation window pops up, trying to activate the Black shark. After i press Activate it says "activation successful" and the activation window hust stays there - see enclosed screenshot. What may be the problem and how do i fix it?
  6. I thought it was mainly designed to counter pop up attacks from US helicopters on advancing columns...
  7. If a chopper, travelling at 60 mph to avoid detection, is being fired upon with an AMRAAM, travelling at 3045 mph i really doubt, that the pilot will have sufficient time to react. At a 10 mile range it would take the AMRAAM roughly 12 seconds to reach it's target - I do not think that this is enough to perform an effective evasion maneuver...
  8. I wonder if the Ka-50/52 can really do anything even if it is notified via RWR that a missile is incoming. I do not recall if the Ka-52 is equipped with chaff dispensers, though... I guess putting a mountain or a building between the chopper and a land based SAM is useful, but against an airborn launch it should be practically defenceless. Maybe that is why they did not use a RWR in the first place - if a radar guided missile is launched against a chopper it is dead...
  9. The DCS World\_downloads\.torrents folder takes up more than 7 GB on my SSD. As a result, I don't have enough space (60 Gb) to install the Persian Gulf map, which I plan to purchase. Is this folder only used for storing donloaded updates and I can delete it's contents safely, or it is needed for DCSW to run properly?
  10. Another vote in AN-2 favor - it will surely be a great addition for resupply runs and insertion.
  11. I'm not sure about preload radius - but this is what the visibility setting does to my system ;-) All other settings were set to low, running latest build of 2.5.4. AVG, Min and Max are FPS measured by fraps with the default Su-25 flying the same free flight mission over Tbilisi without any control input.
  12. Thank's for the answer thrustvector :-) I have created a mission with my Huey sitting on the ramp and placed one infantry unit and one manpads unit right next to it. During the mission I used the communications menu and there was something called AA Descent, i think. However - none of the units where there - this entry was empty. Even if I opened the doors of the UH-1H I couldn't issue the command for them to get in - is there anything I am missing here?
  13. How do I load unload troops using Uh-1H? Specifically - I want to figure out how to use the Huey to quickly disperse man portable SAM units on the map to deny enemy use of air assets on endangered routes.
  14. Thank's for the headup Mustang - that did the trick!!!
  15. It was supposed to be held on January 7th, 2019 - could it be that I have missed my moment of glory? ;-)
  16. I have tried preloading the terrain map as suggested in this thread to no avail...
  17. Is there a plan to add the possibility of converting modules with activations into keyless modules?
  18. Has a solution been found? I am running the latest stable version and I cannot join any MP server - black screen is all I get.
  19. You mean AI? And neither will it respond to smoke?
  20. I want to play around with guiding aircraft to enemy targets using smoke and lasing. I place some enemy targets on the map (unarmed ones) and put my HMMWV within viewable distance. I place some UH-1Hs and A-10Cs properly equipped for ground strike. I select 1 JTAC for the mission and play it. And no matter what I do the aircraft won't attack the targets even if they are well within range to observe the smoke. Then again - when I lase the targets I have no clue how to direct the aircraft towards them - there is no radio communications entry for my flights at all. Maybe there is some sort of special action that must be activated in order for this to work?
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