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  1. Better server browser. Stuff like being able to filter servers, or sort servers from lowest to high ping etc. Also maybe add server specific details, like player names, aircraft being used by players.
  2. From my understanding, no. As the simulation would be ran using the same EXE.
  3. Yeah, i am in the process of reinstalling now. EDIT: Fixed. You were correct. For the record. I originally installed the module through the in-game module manager. And reinstalled it using the download from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com
  4. http://imgur.com/a/I1kKN Just bought the F86. Having an issue with black boxes obstructing most of the instruments.
  5. I've had this happen to me just before entering a dog fight. First the trail appears to be head a different direction, and then it appears right above me. It was d-sync.
  6. That's odd. I had the same problem you're having but with 4 Gbs. The other day I upgraded to 8GB and it now works.
  7. :( Best I can do now it downgrade to an early build and wait till the RAM prices go down, or wait for something.
  8. Got some stats. Fresh install of DCS. Idle memory before loading DCS World was around 36% approx 1.45GB usage. Start DCS World, load the start up mission for the Su-25T, and my RAM usage gradually starts to go higher and higher until it peaks around 97% approx 3.97GB and then DCS World crashes and the RAM usage land slides to something around 800MBs. Would like to upgrade to 8GBs but the price of RAM went up drastically in the last 6 months. From around £30 something to now £54.
  9. I'll test this out for you. It may be an hour or two before I can give you anything. Thanks for the help so far.
  10. I haven't tested out every mission, but for those mentioned it has done this. If you want I can re-install DCS World plus all the modules that I own and test it out on various missions. EDIT: Side note I have had this problem occur using the DCS World from ED's download page and Steam's version.
  11. Win7 64-bit SP-1. I am trying to load the P51 training missions and this occurs when loading in to play. It also does this when just placing a player controlled air-craft in the editor and then testing the mission. I have defragged my hard-drive incase that was the cause of the slow loading, but it didn't affect it at all.
  12. "Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: DCS.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5225b96f Hang Signature: db91 Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Hang Signature 1: db91946ff4bada613c6d2a739295db14 Additional Hang Signature 2: c1f6 Additional Hang Signature 3: c1f6ab99e207491b6187936b96ae6af3 Additional Hang Signature 4: db91 Additional Hang Signature 5: db91946ff4bada613c6d2a739295db14 Additional Hang Signature 6: c1f6 Additional Hang Signature 7: c1f6ab99e207491b6187936b96ae6af3" Keeps happening when loading a mission (which takes forever) tried when launching the P51 training missions, then it suddenly loaded. I have noticed with the recent update 1.2.6 that loading times and game stability has gone down hill for me. 1.2.5 had similar problems but not as severe as 1.2.6
  13. I've experienced very similar issues. My game freezes during loading, after about 1 minute, I click the screen and the fades like it's about to crash, but then loads.
  14. Well, we know that the F15c and the Su-27 are getting their own AFM, but nothing regarding the Mig and the 33.
  15. What sound modification is Wags using in that video?
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