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  1. Yeah righto......(this time out the mention of ED)
  2. Needs a little less tempo and more beat.... something like this
  3. Hardly amused by how many 'devs' come in with screenshots of a cockpit or external model design but fail to release anything. Or...it gets shelved and ends up released on a competitor platform (or perhaps ends up as a private mod used for 'virtual airshows'.) Coretex Design's is a fine example of a DCS developer flop. Times may be different these days, but not so long ago DCS dev license's were handed out like Christmas candy.
  4. @sirrah I used that concept 1st with a flag set once the player entered the zone. However, the F-16's would follow to the zone, flag is active, then turn back and land at another base. Or, They would not ignore the player get to waypoint and just turn back and land. That was why I asked here. I have attached a very quick demo mission for reference using the Hornet and 2 AI F16's showing the issue. toutenglisse solved the problem though as above. Maybe I was doing something wrong....maybe. My research pointed to anything in the 'stop condition' in the advanced waypoint makes the task void, Hence why I was stuck. stop condition test.miz
  5. It is people such as yourself that make the DCS community what it is. Works exactly as I was expecting.
  6. Perfect @toutenglisse, I'll run with Mist
  7. Thank you @toutenglisse, will using M.I.S.T engine conflict with ED if I released a 'free' campaign using the M.I.S.T scripts in my missions? my query is, with ED's updates and using MIST....I am worried that the mist engine will not be compatible until the publisher of mist updates their lua engine to coincide with ED future releases. in short....the VEAO Hawk saga where the developer were waiting on ED's updates to make their product function. I was hoping for a fix that only relied on ED's mission editor, not a 3rd party work around.
  8. I have a mission which involves 2 aircraft taking off after a flag is 'positive' and will follow my aircraft. This works brilliantly, what I would like to achieve is that the 2 aircraft stop following me once I enter a zone radius over an airfield so that these 2 aircraft do not crash and burn, or lower their gear and keep following me. Is their an 'end follow task' script of some description that I can use or a lua script I can 'borrow' in order to end the follow task? Thank you in advance for assistance.
  9. Thank you for clarification @Silver_Dragon, much appreciated.
  10. What is interesting is the Models being updated\added in the ME Encyclopedia after 2.7 (or perhaps before, I haven't made missions in DCS in a while...) tells me new projects are in the works Examples are the MIG-29'G' & 'S', S-3B tanker and attack variant, SU24M and MR, MIG25PD, RBT KC135MPRS and KC135 KC130-H, C130-H That or the models are just being updated....but practically 2 of the same model? begs the question.
  11. Apologies gents. Waited for the message this time and can not play mission 2.
  12. Running latest OB version Having completed the mission three times now with the same result., 50% mission score. I am not able to proceed to Mission 2. Anyone else having this issue? running latest open beta. All the IT call center basics have been done after the 2nd attempt (yes even tried turning it off and on again). Perhaps there is only 1 mission?
  13. One thing for certain I can honestly say I have taken from that video is the flight model is an anachronism.
  14. It will happen when it happens. A community manager has already stated this issue is reported. If it takes 'years' so be it. I'd rather the 'free' map and many other items listed by NineLine, Wags and Co slated for this year to be worked on and released, rather than the troop transport 'bug' to be fixed.
  15. That is a fair point you have made. I work on GA aircraft and we use anti-seize on screws so that it leaves a tell tail sign on the air frame and panels so it is easily identified when doing a walk around. Screws\rivets that we replace are painted over so it coincides with the color of the aircraft. You could be correct by saying it is touch-up paint.
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