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  1. Interesting, thanks!
  2. I don't really understand the issue. You say you can lock him up, so why don't you just perform an IFF check once you have him locked up? If he's friendly a green indication should appear. If he's not friendly nothing will appear. That would really help to understand the issue here.
  3. It only exists in the RIO pit, as the foot pedals in the front pit are for the wheel brakes. It's called "Mic Button UHF" and "Mic Button ICS" for keybinds and can be found in the "Radio" category. For axis bindings it's called "ICS Button MIC" and "ICS Button ICS". I use the axis bindings on my foot pedals, just like it is IRL.
  4. Is that still the LANTIRN? I didn't know it includes a radar, but I guess that's the second pod of the LANTIRN system that the Tomcat didn't get?
  5. Thanks, that answers both my questions! Follow-on question: It sounds like the F-15E is using it's main radar for terrain following. Does that mean the radar can not be used for other purposes (A/A, ground mapping, ...) when in TF mode? The Tornado for example has a dedicated TFR besides its main radar.
  6. In the recent MPDs introduction video, I noticed there is a TF page. That lead me to the followng quick questions: 1) Does the F-15E has Terrain Following IRL? 2) If so, will the DCS F-15E have this feature (and thus become the first DCS module that offers terrain following)?
  7. I would love to have a checkbox in the F-14 special options in the mission editor to disable Jester completely, just like there is such a checkbox to disable George on the Apache.
  8. I wouldn't expect Early Access before 2024, definitely not in 2022.
  9. If you IFF and nothing appears it's a foe. If it's a friendly a green indication will appear.
  10. Interesting, unfortunately I have no idea how old the mission file on that server was
  11. Make sure you're using the right dogfight mode for the right situation in order to lock your target. Then you can use IFF to identify him. Who's Alan and what did he do?
  12. I can confirm exactly this. The light does not come on if either the radar altimeter is off or the radar is in mode A0. This is definitely a bug.
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