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  1. QuiGon's post in Cant enter laser code in DED was marked as the answer   
    Make sure the TGP is ready to use before entering the laser code. I think entering the laser code does not work if the TGP is still off or still booting up.
    If the file is too large you will have to use a third party file hoster. Or create a new, shorter track file.
  2. QuiGon's post in HARM Loading Discussion was marked as the answer   
    Thanks ED!
  3. QuiGon's post in The name of next/previous selector of 9M114? was marked as the answer   
    The keybindings are called as follows:
    Select Station Next
    Select Station Prev
  4. QuiGon's post in Feature Request: Button to Re-Initialize TrackIR Device Connection (?) was marked as the answer   
    This button has been implemented a few months ago. You can find it in the "adjust controls" menu on the bottom right. It's called "Rescan Devices". Make sure you have your TIR plugged in and tracking your TIR clip (green lights) when you press the button.
    This button made my DCS life so much more comfortable!
  5. QuiGon's post in TGP slave to SPI was marked as the answer   
    China Hat Aft long slaves the TGP to the current steerpoint. This is correct and is also what the manual says (page 93):

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