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  1. I think most would agree that historical matchups are very important and it is true that Spitfire MkIX pilots would have faced 109K4 opponents. However, what would be the most common match up of these two iconic warbirds during 1944? If I were a Spitfire pilot in 1944, I presume I'd most likely be flying a MkIX (as the most numerous mark in operation during this period). Out of interest, if I were a 109 pilot in 1944, what variant would I most likely be flying? A 109K4 or one of the 109G series? I'm not sure of the answer and I suspect it may not be that straightforward to answer but my I do wonder if it would be one of the G series 109s? There will always be disagreements over different variants of aircraft, how they are modelled and how things were, I've seen this over the years in a number of games but I do think DCS would be improved with the inclusion of either a Spit MkXIV and/or earlier G series 109s.
  2. I'm not playing DCS at the moment, so I can't do any testing but a track file from a flight where this has occurred would be really helpful to examine. I experienced something similar when I last played but unfortunately it was during long-ish multiplayer sessions and my track files rarely last beyond the takeoff run (that's a separate issue that's been around for ages).
  3. Thanks for looking into this NineLine.
  4. To confirm this I attach a track file from single player. I will also attach a video to this post for review (this is currently uploading to youtube as an unlisted video - will add when ready - edit: see video below) In this flight I am flying the non-clipped wing Spitfire in single player, cold start on the Caucasus map. I take off and turn the gunsight on in the air at 3 min 47 second mark. The gunsight ‘disappears’ at 4 min 6 second mark. No damage was sustained. I am unable to repair on ground. At 8 min 21 second mark, I show in the accompanying video that no key bindings for gunsight on/off or toggle are present. I know this bug is not game breaking but it’s a bit of a pain when it happens as I’m not the greatest shot at the best of times. If someone from ED could please review this 'bug' that would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Bounder [EDIT] video of gunsight bug to accompany submitted track file: Right at the end of the video the debriefing window is displayed. At 8:04 (4 min 4 secs into the flight) it lists "event: failure" with "details: Aw shoot". I believe this time event corresponds to the gunsight failing. gunsight bug.trk
  5. I tried this in the non-clipped version, it does not prevent the gunsight disappearing.
  6. Flew again tonight, bug is back. Clearing out metashader files seemed to work initially but it is not a fix. I've tried to attach track files, [edit] but all my track files so far exceed the file size limit for upload to the forums
  7. Here's a short video from last night showing the gunsight disappearing. This one occurred after going wheels down (~15 secs into the 27 sec video): Edit: added 2nd example
  8. Is there a reason you didn't delete contents of the folder "metashaders" in addition to "metashaders2"? Asking more for understanding reasons.
  9. So far it seems to me to be a decent fighter when used to its strengths e.g. boom and zoomer. Verus the Spitfire MkIX it has good top speed, excellent dive, roll, armament and can take a hell of a beating.
  10. A friend and I had this too after the update yesterday, also on Burning Skies. Neither of us had taken any damage and initially we tried landing and repairing, however we couldn't initiate repair. However, my friend then deliberately over heated his engine on the ground to force the option of repair, which once completed, brought the gunsight back. We had this ‘bug’ every flight and couldn't figure out what was causing it. In the end we tried deleting (cut and paste files inside the folders to another location on my hard drive for backup in case it went went wrong etc) the files in the metashaders folders (saved games > DCS.openbeta > metashaders) and we have not experienced it since. It might have been coincidental but thought I post what we tried to help. If you do try the same (deleting the files within the metashaders folders), I'd advise backing them up just in case etc etc. [EDIT] deleting the contents of metashaders folders did not fix the bug - see below
  11. As others have said, would be helpful to have a (working) trackfile of any incidents so we, and more importantly ED, can see the problem.
  12. The non-refuelling MW50 "bug" has been reported over a year ago (e.g. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=178570). I can't remember if this has ever been fixed or not - perhaps one of the regular 109 jockeys will know?
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