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  1. Hi guys, do you also get mounted a double rack with a single aim 120c under the wings? How do I get it as before without the double rack, it s kinda draggy?
  2. Its a totally new piece of arts you created on your own, even if the base reference is a picture from dcs, which is also a representation of a real existing model older than more than 25 years (industrial patent & design copywrite) Therefore you can resell them without problems
  3. How many target can you engage at the same time using aim120 and tws? 2 or more? Do I have to set tup the secondary target using the lock button or simply switch target using sensor depress switch? Ho long should I wait after firing my missile to switch to my other targets? I did some try just using the SDS, aim 120 flight straight and loose target when firing at 4 hostiles, so I must do something wrong
  4. Hi guys In engagement I often strugle switching from bvr to wvr back to bvr. I lose precious seconds having to set my head facing the mfd and use my mouse to click on some mfd buttons to re increase the displayed radar range, because it changed from 40 to 10 or 5 nm automatically . Is there an actual shortcut for this, or a hotas function? :pilotfly:
  5. Hi guys I had a case of a mig23 going guns at close range on an AWACS, I engaged the mig23 in STT and fired my aim120 at around 75% max range. Somehow when the missile went pitbull at one point it chooses to go against the AWACS instead of the mig23 which I keep locked. Is it normal? or did I miss something I know the missile is supposed to be fully autonomus when pitbull only if I broke the lock, but if still locked it would still follow the main target?
  6. Hi guys, as we don't have a CBU 97, what is the best configuration to kill a maximum of heavy armored vehicles?
  7. At what range is a F14 able to launch a pheonix more or less?
  8. Also another experience with F14: I get a lock warning, then they shoot pheonix, no BEEP BEEP BEEP to tell me what is going on except the last five seconds when getting close. It is usually followed by a missile impact, a large boom and me having a heart attack. Can the F-14 get a soft lock and then hard lock targets at the last moment?
  9. I thought SA-19 was using a radar tracking?
  10. Hi guys I recently flied the F18 again in pvp and I got some strange feedbacks with the RWR For example I have been shot by a mk2 without launch warning, only simple lock On another mission, I have been shot by a SA-19, probably a ship, without any warning at all Did I miss an update ? :joystick:
  11. Neon67

    ORBX for DCS ??

    when is the release date? :o
  12. I tried all the three different options. None of them make the virtual cyclick stick to its position until the physical joystick is returned to its neutral position. Its kinda strange because it works well for UH-1H and Ka-50. Can someone confirm this aswell ?
  13. I havent flown the Mi-8 for a while but I must have a config problem Trim doesnt work as for the UH-1 oder Ka50, it does not lock in pisition until the stick is returned in central position. In option its the same central position trimmer mode I got the feeling Im fighting against the auto pilot or so, resulting in constant oscillation at each new input on the control surfaces. What option do I have to check for that? easy flight mode is deactivated?
  14. I notice a huge performance problem, but it also depends on the aircraft: so far p51 av8 gazelle F-86 are impacted. Mi8 uh-1 F18 works well
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