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  1. Antwort an mich selbst: geht genau so.
  2. Ich möchte meine DCS-2.5-Installation mit allen Addons auf ein anderes Laufwerk verschieben. Was muss ich ändern? Alle Laufwerksbuchstaben in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics (und den untergeordneten Schlüsseln, falls nötig)? Sonst noch etwas?
  3. Same here. Changed my login data, but it didn't help.
  4. I installed DCS World new on 64 bit Windows 8 while it was still active on my 32 bit Windows 7 SSD. I didn't deactivate anything before since it's possible to have multiple parallel installations (am I right here?).
  5. Already done ... that's why I ask here - I have no clue what still could be wrong. New DCS World installation, modules downloaded and installed, game started. Some activation dialogues popped up (FC3, Huey, Mi8), some didn't (A-10C, Ka50 2, and P-51D). Those modules don't work now, the others do. I have activated P-51D, Ka50 and A10 manually by starting the xx_protect.exe from their directories; they appear in the list of installed modules, but I can't get into the aircrafts, just watch them flying (as if they weren't activated). :cry:
  6. Self-made missions from the editor, quick missions, campaign(s) - none of them let me control the P51-D. I just can watch her flying by AI control. (In the editor I have set the P51-D as "Player"!)
  7. I started "Mods\aircrafts\P-51D\bin\p51_protect.exe", entered the serial and activated the module, but I still can't control the P-51D. Neither in Quick Missions nor in campain and editor (not as "Player", not as "Client"). What the heck is wrong here? The planes from FC3, the Mi8, the UH work! Why not the P-51D?
  8. I checked it more than twice ... no chance. I wonder why none of the new modules had to be activated. The serial is in the Module Manager, but there was never an activation like with the other modules I purchased some weeks or months ago (FC3 for example). Do P51, K50 and A10C have no extra activation anymore? And if, how can I force an activation?
  9. I have the newest DCS World version, I have some other modules running (Mi8, UH, FC3), but with P51 something is wrong. I have downloaded the setup file by Bittorrent and installed it from there, P51 is in the list of installed modules now, the serial is there, but whenever I want to control a P51 (campaign, quick mission, editor) I only get a 3rd person view of AI P51s or other AI controlled aircraft. Any ideas to fix this?
  10. I have Black Shark 2 installed (I have each module installed!) and working, but in DCS World's Module Manager it's listed in "Available Addons". I downloaded Black Shark 2 again and tried to install, but it tells me it's already installed. How can I get Black Shark 2 into the list of installed modules in the Module Manager?
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