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  1. Hello, The calendar of the 1stCavDiv is now access free. :thumbup: So you can use it to Multiplayer Matchup. It is no need to join the squadron to set an event. We are now around 75 pilots in America, Europe and Asia Enjoy :music_whistling:
  2. I am happy to announce the opening of the North America group with Skullz, our first member from USA. Don't let him alone, join !
  3. Hello men, This forum is yours. So, I would like to know what is better for your game experience. 1stCavDiv theme : 1972 missions (no manpad ...) Huey only, waiting for Mig21bis for multi aircrafts missions or Georgia or Turkey Huey squadron : missions open to others DCS players KA-50, A-10C, FC3 ...(not P51 of course) Please vote here : http://1stcavdiv.conceptbb.com/t23-what-is-the-best-theme-for-a-huey-squadron-1972-1stcavdiv-georgia-or-turkey-huey-squadron#45
  4. Who want to do it ? I can make the mission. We need some people to play it. Is there also a movie maker available ?
  5. What! Still no quick video reproducing the start of Apocalypse Now with a bit of the Doors and The End? +1 I ll love that
  6. Hello men, I need help to make a good place to ours favorite bird : the Huey and the community. Feel free to come and give what you want : Skins, missions, pictures, trainings cession... This Forum is yours http://1stcavdiv.conceptbb.com/
  7. Hello RKubica32 1st Cavalry Division - opening soon Squadron dedicated to the Huey, Old Style playing. You are welcome !!
  8. Hello Phantom_499 , Hello nrk98 . 1st Cavalry Division - opening soon Squadron dedicated to the Huey, Old Style playing.
  9. 1st Cavalry Division - opening soon Hello Cowboys ! Do you love the Huey ? Are you looking for an old style simulation experience ? Please visit us at http://1stcavdiv.conceptbb.com/ A Huey fans' club Feel free to come and share what you want pictures, movies, flight exp.... this forum is yours. An international squadron Why a new squadron dedicated to the Huey ? We think that a good Huey exp. means playing the Huey in an old style environment. That s mean playing missions without manpads or Buk ... and without a strange mix of aircrafts US/Russian, P-51 with Ka-50. We hope to play with others squadrons thanks to future releases like Mig-21 ! I am already a member of an another squadron, how can I join ? For us , that doesn't matter. I fact it's better to have various interests. You can use the same name, you only have to use the following tag on ours forum if you become a member 1stCavDiv=Name. But please, don't bring your squadron's conflicts with you. What about the squadron rules ? -minimum of flight skill : none (try your best to avoid crashs) -minimum of flight time / week : none -forum topics : no politic or religious subjects -behaviour expected : positive and respectful. This place is what you do with it, so contribute to the squadron is essential. There is many ways to do it according of your time and skills : set missions, help new players to ride the Huey, report DCS news or information on the Huey /1st Cavalry Div. manage a part of the squadron : USA players, Asia players ... Welcome to Caucasus-Nam !
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