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  1. I categorically ignore post of rude moderators versus OPENING TOPIC. The purpose of FIRST post if to provide full and correct info. Your path to follow is: 1) edit first post 2) appologize
  2. Dude, read the first post in this topic and then continue banging your head, but on Wags account, OK? Or tell Wags to edit the post. Really, really, stupid comment from a moderator.
  3. Ehm, so Su-25T that comes with FC3 will NOT use Vikhrs?
  4. I see, many thanks. Well, quite embarrassing for ED to release something like that, but then again, not the first time. Btw, Nate come up quite bad in that topic for a person that should be more informed...
  5. Not being a customer of DSCW, don't mind if I ask, what was wrong with Vikhrs?
  6. No discount price for old customers? For those that have purchased previous titles, and thus supported further development? No option to order "Upgrade from FC1" or "Upgrade from FC2"? Hm....
  7. On a serious side, few questions: 1) Damage models for vehicles? Still same old story, with one box? 2) Any plans to command ships?
  8. WEEE! Can't wait to fly with P-51 in CA and do... ... erm, nothing?
  9. After three attempts I still cannot write anything that will not preclude me being banned.
  10. Dude, buy one copy of any IL-2 and you are covered for life. Unlike some stuff from you-know-who. Easy MP, easy setup, zillion of servers, players, mods, skins that can be seen by other players, etc... And, for your pleasure only, drilling sound of props, no HUD, and I even heard a rumor that some lot of stock aircraft are related to WW2 and, strangely, on many maps from that period. Dunno. Later on, in case you miss doghfighting with fighter planes, after playing some tractors with AFM from you-know-who, install Korea mod. Case closed. Open preflight checklist: Prop off. Jet on.
  11. Better to have USB Ejection Handle(s). You could mod those USB online penis/vagina thingies. Three rapid strokes and... Just mind what you stroke... Could be less then three, if you spend too much time online...
  12. Then I suggest you make something like World of Tanks - that's real moneymaker. I do not see how can ED make "enough" money by branching into "existing and big wood", ie something that already exists in so many ways and forms. There are enough propellers around as is, Il-2 and its sequels AND mods, MSFS, and few other in development. For Chrissake, IL-2 is being modded for Korea jets!!! What's next from ED workshop? Red Baron meets Wright Brothers? Over Caucasus, to hunt down Chechen rebels. Or over epic Martian landscape of Nevada where only telephone poles can grow… THE legends!
  13. EPIC :megalol: About the same here. All are moaning about fighter jets and how badly their FM, equipment, and weapons are modeled, yet we are served by things that are going in the opposite direction - police helicopter, flying electrical powerplant control post, Battlefield Heroes mod, and COMPLETELY NEW AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON YOUR PC…. unless you've seen other 10 products with zillion free modifications, maps and addons… THE ULTIMATE DEVELOPMENT IN MODERN JET FIGHTER SIMULATIONS ---- THE PROPELLER!!! I simply cannot wait to start with my home pit building with top-of-the-line HOTAS and multiple MFD's around THIS. :lol:
  14. I do not want to see anybody wasting time and resources on any ancient propeller heads. There are still plenty of JET aircraft flying around...
  15. Well, you're the tester, you should know all the bugs better then anybody. Or, just spend few more hours on the forum reading, not only guarding the castle :D
  16. I would be happy to accept any number of years waiting for ED's modules if they fix their project management. Just one example, since there are so many people comparing ED products with titles that are of no interest to me: World of Tanks You run the game and it automatically displays latest news, automatically updates localizations, automatically updates game engine, automatically updates vehicles... Then you go to garage, where you can choose among the vehicles that you own. So, why not make DCS launcher that will automatically check/update/upgrade/announce/localize/blahblahblah, then it will take you to your hangar, where you will be able to choose what you want to FLY with, not what you want to be COMPATIBLE with :) Not to mention MP search from many FPS titles that I do not play any longer, but can google about...
  17. Su-27 HUD still not realistic, many other functions are missing, Su-25T was initially released with incorrect TV modes, many valid complaints about missile and aircraft FM, each aircraft has it own level of FM, no dedicated server, crappy integrity check, lagging/FPS issues that directly influence the aircraft and weapon performance especially in MP, difficult MP game search, removed options to create your own payload in-game and to use your own bort, graphic tweaking that can make object non-existent as damage models or obstacles, not being able to see MP progress/situation, no option for MP autobalance... Dude, anybody can compile list of dissatisfactions with FC2 that as as long as a list of improvements. Not my intention to troll or go off-topic! Just to point out that to me - AS AN AVERAGE END USER - 20 pages of minor improvements and bugs mean much less, then to well-above-average-worshiper.
  18. What are "ps3 and xbox"? BS is not 20 USD: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?end_pos=1322&scr=shop&lang=en DCS: Black Shark (DVD box) - 40 USD, or DCS: Black Shark (English download version) - 40 USD, plus DCS: Black Shark 2 Upgrade (English download version) - 20 USD ---------- 60 USD Or: DCS: Black Shark 2 (English download version) - 40 USD Note: not commenting the prices, but rather the poor, poor math skills.
  19. ED need to rethink and redo its project management. Then, all the process of patching and upgrading will be much easier. When DCS went public, I was also under strong impression that there will be ONE DCS, and that ANY AND ALL following aircraft will be addon modules. Sadly, when WH come out, what could be read between the lines now became obvious. From the standpoint of end-user it is very hard to follow any such development. As for FC2 - I consider it to be total waste of developers time. Why? Well, apart from net compatibility, nothing much has been changed. Again, speaking as regular - nonprofit and noncleric - end-user. What was invested into it could be invested into something... well... fully operational? BS2? Well, I'm not interested into A-10, and had no time to fly and enjoy Ka-50 properly. And for Ka-50, I already have what I need. Few minor improvements and graphical buffs will not help me fly better. Although, a dynamical campaign could be helpful ;)
  20. Raindrops are not cool idea, but VERY old idea....
  21. This thread kinda proves what I have pointed out several times in the past: to branch DCS into development: - core engine and maps - aircraft addons - localization Current approach is extremely outdated from a project management point of view, and even more extremely hard to upgrade/patch/hotfix. Again, check out how it is done with other applications...
  22. It is crystal clear to me, to you, and to anybody that carefully follows this forum. BUT, it is not clear to average user, and it is very confusing to those that are not proficient enough in English language. I already received two questions from members of my community in regard to this issue, and I anticipate even more in future. @GGTharos Just trying to help, pretending to be bigger noob then I actually am :D
  23. Congrats on nice surprise! But, on download page you have following items: 1) DCS: Black Shark 2 Patch (English download version) 2) DCS: Black Shark 2 (English download version) Item 1 implies that it is a patch for item 2. Especially cos - by official statement - BS2 is NOT a regular patch, but an upgrade. I presume that item 2 is "full install of BS2", and that item 1 is "BS1 upgrade for ENG version of BS1" (I have not purchased or downloaded at this moment). If so, then please change titles accordingly.
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