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  1. There are different ways to do it, the way I do it is described on the first page in this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=124480 But it requires this tool: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2185329&postcount=1 And this mod for 1.5/2.0: http://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=124437&d=1444677338 The data.lua file should be the same as the one that comes with the DCS installation, so no manual modifications in the Scripts folder. That error message looks like it's trying to patch the old mod with the 1.5+ installation. Replace the previous zip file in the DcsMods folder with this one: http://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=124437&d=1444677338 I didn't try with multiplayer yet, it seems a little strange that it wouldn't work the same but maybe I messed up somehow. Did you try this by editing the default.lua to see if it makes any difference? Or if the issue is still there with the latest patch?
  2. I'm still flying some but it's mostly the WW2-planes now, did you try them yet?
  3. I've made an update for 1.5 here, and a reminder: It's not for beta testing, remove before testing bugs in DCS World Open Beta since the mod itself isn't expected to be bug free. But if you find any issues with the mod itself, please post here and I'll have a look at it. Input configuration mod.dcsmod.zip
  4. It's only required when there are diff-entries that don't have a predefined command, so once you start editing the files manually. The battery didn't use a switchable command from the GUI so that one is trickier. Macro_sequencies.lua and clickabledata.lua are good for figuring out those. To make a switch for the battery you can try this: ["d3006pnilu3006cd1vd1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN1", }, }, ["name"] = "Battery power (switch)", },
  5. Hi, To install the mod you run the program inside the zip after unpacking the whole zip file into a folder (unfortunately it doesn't work with JSGME). It'll ask you where the DCS folder is and then you then you can hit the "Patch All" button to apply the mod. For device id's you can look inside DCS folder \Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\devices.lua and you'll find id 1 and 7. Generally it's easy enough to just set a standard binding from within the game to the button you like and then open the diff-file to add an up-value for it, no need to look up id's then. devices["ELEC_INTERFACE"] = counter()--1 devices["AHCP"] = counter()--7
  6. Most mods only need to add/replace files and those are easiest created by either making a copy of a JSGME-mod into the DcsMods folder, renaming it to .dcsmod.zip and starting the application (it'll then be converted to another format so save the old file). Another way of creating these mods is with the snapshot feature: 1) Hit "Take Snapshot" in the menu 2) Apply the mod manually 3) Hit "Create From Snapshot" 4) Enter a mod name 5) Click create For text-mods, it's configured in the XML file in the zip-file root (the XML file is the mod and there can be several of them in one zip file). There's no GUI to help with this yet. There's an example in the Templates-directory that looks like this: <Patch xsi:type="ReplaceTextPatch"> <Target>targetfile.txt</Target> <OldData>Old text in file</OldData> <NewData>New text in file</NewData> </Patch> <Patch xsi:type="InsertTextPatch"> <Target>insert_line_here.txt</Target> <StartMarker>Insert below this line</StartMarker> <Data>Line to insert</Data> </Patch> The Patch-elements can be stacked multiple times if you need several text-patches for a mod. You can also look at the XML in "Input configuration mod.dcsmod.zip" for a real example, it's only using text-mods and no other file-patches at all. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  7. Default Data.lua functions was changed so the mod has been updated for that now.
  8. I didn't notice this issue until now, thanks for the notification. It appears the Mig21 has bound thrust by default to both JOY_SLIDER1 and JOY_Z, unfortunately causing diffs to be applied to JOY_SLIDER1 and the game using JOY_Z as the command of choice. I've updated the mod to handle this now, might've overlooked something else as well though. Gonna test some more in the weekend. Download link here (unpatch old mod before putting this in)
  9. It's correct that it alters Data.lua to allow for up/down events, it replaces a few lines from the original file. The problem might be that the .NET framework isn't installed, sorry just realized I should have specified it was made for .NET 4.5. It can be downloaded here if that's the case: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42643 If it's something else, you can send me a crash log from the event viewer in windows and I'll have a look at what the trouble might be.
  10. Have a look at this program as well: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=130876 It was made just to tackle this problem. It'll manually update the current version of Data.lua by looking for certain functions within it. Which should keep on working until ED decides to update the core input profile functionality.
  11. This is a modding tool for applying mods with less maintenance. It has functionality to replace text in files and inserting text, which can be used to add items to a lua-array or replace a single method within a file rather than patching the whole file. There's also an input profile feature which can extract all DCS profiles from the saved games folder and put them in a <aircraft>.dcsinput.zip. All it does it does is to copy the files and removing guids (so it won't work with multiple devices of the same name). These dcsinput-files can then be imported back into the saved games folder through the application. I've attached my KA-50 profile for warthog hotas as an example. (it requires the input config mod to work properly though) Download link ka-50.dcsinput.zip
  12. I'm not sure if there's a specific pattern for the 30xx numbers, I think it's just id's to bind to specific functions on the device. elements["pnt_69_1"] = default_1_position_tumb(_("Left Chemical Release"),devices.FRONT_SWITCH_BOX, device_commands.Button_13, 69, 1, {1,1}) That line for example would bind left chemical release to device FRONT_SWITCH_BOX (cd 13, according to devices.lua) and Button_13 which has an id of 3013 (buttons are always 3000 + button number). I tend to think of "Button_X" more like "Function_X" though, makes more sense to me. I didn't bind much but here are flaps and lights in case you find something interesting: ["d3001pnilu3001cd12vd0vpnilvu0.5"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN23", }, }, ["name"] = "Flaps down", }, ["d3001pnilu3001cd12vd1vpnilvu0.5"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN22", }, }, ["name"] = "Flaps up", }, ["d3007pnilu3007cd10vd1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN24", }, }, ["name"] = "Landing light (switch)", }, ["d3015pnilu3015cd14vd-1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN13", }, }, ["name"] = "Wing position lights dim", }, ["d3015pnilu3015cd14vd1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN14", }, }, ["name"] = "Wing position lights bright", }, ["d3016pnilu3016cd14vd-1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN25", }, }, ["name"] = "Tail position lights bright", },
  13. That's correct, sounds like you figured it out already The names don't matter, I only change them so that I won't confuse them with the ordinary controls in the configuration window. You've got the process figured out. But the fuel shut-off valve is a little tricky because it doesn't appear to use the value given to the command. It's generally easier with commands that have a state, I don't believe it's possible to bind everything either because of such limitations without digging deeper into the files. There is another command for the fuel shut-off valve as well, you can try this: ["d3005pnilu3005cd9vd1vpnilvu0"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "JOY_BTN16", }, }, ["name"] = "Fuel shut-off valve (switch)", }, I found this command in the Macro_sequencies.lua , startup and shutdown sequencies don't always work with the ordinary commands either so you can find some goodies there. I haven't found a complete list of available commands yet, I assume they're hidden within binary files. I'd love to hear if anyone knows about such a list.
  14. The command-combinations can only be changed to combinations which are found among the modules default commands. The default behavior otherwise is for DCS to remove configurations it doesn't recognize in the diff.lua-files, which is why you have to re-assign that button. You can apply this mod and you'll be able to configure switch-controls that way. I haven't verified any specific battery-commands but most switches with values will take 0 for the neutral position, so 2-way switches are often configured as "vd1" and "vu0" with the same command-number.
  15. Sorry for the late reply. Maybe they changed something in 1.2.9 but when I tested this it seemed to work right away from the options dialog and saved this in the diff-file: ["a2010cdnil"] = { ["added"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "TRACKIR_YAW", ["reformers"] = { [1] = "LCtrl", }, }, }, ["name"] = "Absolute Camera Horizontal View", ["removed"] = { [1] = { ["key"] = "TRACKIR_YAW", }, }, },
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