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  1. Alls they did was resend me the original email with the purchase information
  2. Just got an email from heatblur with the required info, thank you heatblur. You guys that havent got it yet im sure youll get it soon
  3. No not the case for me, i checked the show all licenses 3 times and still not there. I think its a heatblur problem, they say there working on it.
  4. I don’t know when this Coupon code was sent but if it was over a month ago I mass deleted about 5000 emails and I have nothing with any codes from anywhere now, I know, stupid me for not saving the email but I forgot.
  5. Understood, Thank you for the response
  6. sent an email to the heatblur support still no response, I might be a little impatient but seems like day 1 release you would think they would be on it, but then again maybe i'm just a little to impatient and they are on it and just haven't got to me yet.
  7. yes, I actually just updated 2.5 but not showing up. I do see that I need to put in a serial number that I got in a email that I deleted, is there a way I can get that serial number again, I already put a support ticket in to the heatblur web site.
  8. bought the f-14 on the first prepay day but will not show up in the module manager, do I have to do something different????
  9. I did that its not working. Do u have to unzip the zip file in the dcs mi8 folder? Its weird to me that its zipped up, in fact, I never had to put files in a zip folder, there uselly unzipped. sorry Im such a pain in the ass.
  10. well its not working, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded from the updated link, extracted the files, moved folder with extracted files to MI8MTV-STND-TEXTURES.zip. It seems simple enouf but when I get in the mi8 I still have Russian words.
  11. whats going on guys, for the life of me I cannot figger out how to put the english cockpit textures in the mi8. I figgered it was as simple as copy and pasting but not so. Can someone please give a detailed instructions on how to do it please. thanks Lar
  12. LarryI


    man that was fast, I will try TY
  13. LarryI


    Ok I messed up, I wanted to try this better smoke mod here( http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/201702/ ) and like a dummy I didn't backup the original files. Now DCS crashes to Desktop. But anyway I don't want to do a full reinstall I was hoping someone could send me the original files please, I would be forever greatful to ya. Lar
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