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  1. WTB DCS World Combined Arms Taxi units. Player controlled! That would be something lol. Also, ability to upload custom Salute-Green light/GO emotes. Since we all know those guys develop their own over time.
  2. Do you use TrackIR? Out of curiosity. I did modify yours quite a bit. I like to keep somewhat of a similarity between aircraft that I can. IE, TM WH Trim is ALWAYS trim, Paddle Trim L/R= Rudder Trim L/R etc etc. Paddle Trim D= Reset Trim if possible. Not bashing you at all, all your views useless on MP servers that have view restrictions. That being said, on a free-flight, just learning to fly the plane and training sorties it does work fairly well. I have a norm PC desk I slap on my Joystick and Throttle on. Kybd in middle, and I move the mouse to the right of my throttle. If I have to click stuff, it's only stuff I need to click if I'm in stable flight, everything else is bound. Starting to dig the SU-25T more and more after I went more in-depth with the setup, although that's a bit off topic here. The MiG-21Bis will be the real HOTAS challenge to setup and remember compared to the F-15C. Hehehe.
  3. Please, upload your F-86F device profiles to DCS Site E-files. A lot of users just go there instead of check the forums, myself included much of the time. I'm time constrained, and a starting point to work off of from the get-go that I can adjust as I get more comfortable with the aircraft would be tremendous for newer users of the aircraft! More specifically looking for a TM WH HOTAS Profile. I can do the rudders and the like myself, just the Stick/Throttle controls.
  4. Please, upload your Mig-21Bis device profiles to DCS Site E-files. A lot of users just go there instead of check the forums, myself included much of the time. I'm time constrained, and a starting point to work off of from the get-go that I can adjust as I get more comfortable with the aircraft would be tremendous for newer users of the aircraft!
  5. Keeping up with AI P-51? How? They're always faster! Could he be incorrectly using prop rpm and engine? I use a combo depending on the situation. I most definitely learned takeoff and landings by trial and error but there's times I'm not in the mood for a proper descent so I do crazy turns and crap to bleed speed and altitude to put whatever bird down safely.
  6. I know more threads, annoys devs. But this is an issue that effects ALL players, EVERY version. I feel the more that respond of it being an issue, the higher of a priority it receives. I don't know how the staffing works, but if you have to delay EDGE a day to FIX this, and not wait until EDGE, you're losing players who will not purchase products during sales, etc. Turns new players off who just buy DCS World and see the issues that it's having.
  7. Not only effecting F-15C. Effecting all aircraft that use drop tanks. F-15C, P-51D, etc.
  8. This is a MAJOR BUG that needs IMMEDIATE fixing. Drop tanks on ANY aircraft are currently USELESS. F-15C forced to take off with only 13k lbs of fuel, drop tanks do not add. If you drop a tank, you drop that amount of fuel, but tanks not adding fuel. You take off w/ 3 tanks, still says 13k lbs. Tanks don't ever drain/because they contained zero fuel, F-15C acts like tanks are empty, so no point even using them. Doesn't matter if you take tanks, burn fuel. Go to refill. Drop them before you take-off, etc. No fuel is added, fuel is definitely removed from ANY aircraft instead of just the tanks. This requires IMMEDIATE attention. It is a MAJOR GAMEBREAKING BUG.
  9. My GF is planning on getting me the VectorClip that hooks onto your headset for X-Mas, however I'm dying not being able to fly without my TIR. Does anyone have a spare TrackClip Pro (The one that clips to the brim of a hat) that they'd be willing to "Be a Early Santa" to me? She hasn't bought the VCP yet, but can anyone tell me if it outperforms the Vector Clip? I have zero outside IR interference from light due to blackout curtains.
  10. Also looks like the blue aircraft was pulling G's hard. He would definitely out-turn you with you rolling 3-4g turn. The only option when you get into a situation like that is to either burn/trade some energy for more time for your opponent to present a weakness. Or breaking contact
  11. Also, the biggest hurdles to FPS at times can be your HDD, as well as in some instances, certain graphical settings like shadows can also cause a dramatic slow-down in performance.
  12. +1 on the SSD. I have a Samsung Pro 840 256gb SSD. Best investment hands down. Massive improvement in DCS World, ArmA 2/3 + DayZ, Kerbal Space Program, ArcheAge, etc etc. Anything on the SSD will load faster, and continue to be lightyears faster. Basically any game that's a bigger sized installation can typically benefit from a SSD.
  13. Man speaks the truth. I went from an old Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick w/ twist rudder. Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS TrackIR5 Rudder Pedals with toe brakes I felt the using the new joystick made DCS feel like an entirely different beast. You have actual super precise control of whatever you want to accomplish.
  14. I'd eventually like to mount my TIR5, and TM Warthog HOTAS to my desk. My only issue is that I have cats that like to chew cords that are these sizes. Even if not permanently mounted, can anyone link me to some solutions that I can use to put around the cables? I have a Logitech G19, and I run the TIR5 cord there straight up off my pull-up keyboard area to the TIR5 on top of my monitor. The Throttle and Joystick both plug off my desk and the cords go right into the top USB ports of my PC. With the cable covering, I would route it behind the proper areas behind my desk and into USB slots into the back of my PC. I can live with putting the TIR5 away every day/when I leave the PC for extended period of times, but I'd like to leave the HOTAS setup out. What do you guys recommend? I was thinking like 1/8 inch pipe insulation perhaps? It needs to still remain semi-flexible. I don't think the stuff that spirals around the cord but still leaves it exposed, wouldn't work all that well.
  15. Was just frustrating at first. Had to re-fire up DCS to even get controls to show. Also had a few. All's good now. I took out a 3 SU-27 flight by using their hill tactics with a rack full of 9Ms. Was quite satisfying because they saw me at 40k, and then i was under them lol.
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