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  1. Dude this is awesome. It's a shame you didn't announce it (as far as I can see) because it's really hidden away in this thread. Just bound and tested a bunch of vjoy binds for one module and it works great.
  2. The UK fleet carriers had shorter cats, but the F-4K could compensate for that as the RR Spey is stronger than the J79 at low low altitude. (airvectors.net is always a nice source for reading about warplanes, btw.)
  3. You could sim a pilot's career by starting out in the A-4, pretend to fail carrier qualifications and then be shipped off to a USAF F-4E squadron
  4. ^Just to clarify - is the book specific on the following? In a forum post (on soldf) there's talk of 100 hours lifetime for the Sidewinder, not the wing itself. http://forum.soldf.com/topic/5168-saab-ja-37-viggen-aj-37-ajs-37-sk-37-sf-37-sh-37/page-23 Scroll down halfway to post 677.
  5. ^Depends on the design. With ships like the Soviet missile destroyers, if you minimize the aspect, you're also obscuring half of your gun CIWS and missile launchers. A Sovremenny can't point all its defenses in one direction.
  6. Non-pod flare dispensers were not standard back in 1970. There were still Phantoms delivered in the mid-70's without them, same with the early Mirage F1. Tornados have to carry a CM pod.
  7. There's a chart in the second post of the AJS discussion thread in this subforum. Look for the KB pod.
  8. That can happen to all CRT displays, no?
  9. ^If you mean grainy as in lots of small radar returns, that's a good thing, means you have high resolution. Then it's up to software to filter the picture and show you moving targets, buildings and so on.
  10. Afaik the intended effect would be a pressure wave that would break the keel of a typical destroyer.
  11. You're on the ED forums, you can't expect people to actually read a post before replying to it ;).
  12. The changes would include a different elevator layout, catapult angles, island, deck shape, Kitty Hawk also had an extra antenna tower aft of the island. Maybe you haven't settled on a class yet?
  13. That depends on whether you want to navigate to an RSBN or ARK beacon.
  14. :megalol::megalol: :megalol: Anyway... do we have a feeling for what the community wants? Does everything have to be as detailed as Las Vegas or are people fine with low-detail towns/cities and geographical features in exchange for larger maps? I don't think I've seen a poll about that.
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