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  1. I agree, they aren't THAT bad, I still don't like them, it rarely, if ever, has prevented me from seeing someone, at least not as bad as the old dirty glass... it does seem wrong though i can't put my finger on why, that's what i mean by unrealistic, they seem fuzzy/pixelated, maybe there's too much light?...
  2. I personally do not like the new reflections, they're annoying and I don't think they're very realistic (not that i can say for sure), looks like the glass has some kind of reflective coating on it, but really, they're not that bad compared to the old dirty glass that used to be there, and I can live with them. also i think the cockpit colour doesn't matter that much, both blue and green are accurate, remember reading somewhere.
  3. it doesn't take forever to get kills in the mig-21... take a look at this, my k/d ratio isn't that bad, and the mig doesn't have nearly as much flight time as those other planes. also one of those deaths is a TK... with a 120c of course. but yeah the radar does work too well... i thought i'd be able to see like the outlines of the mountains when im below them, like with the f-5's radar.
  4. is there any way, especially for multiplayer, you could make it possible to change one of the radio presets? a lot of missions seem to have their gci/awacs frequency different from any of the presets on multiplayer.
  5. I use an LG 55C9 OLED display, and it is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen... once you go OLED, everything else just seems crap....
  6. VR is better only in that you have two viewpoints, depth perception... other than that, in every single other way, including how much weight you have on your head/face, field of view, colour reproduction, contrast ratio, resolution, pixel clarity, just downright size of the image, most importantly framerates and the ability to use higher graphics settings, 2D is better... you may say head tracking makes the big difference, but trackir and 1:1 tracking are both good for different reasons too... trackIR you can still see around you (like your keyboard and joystick) and the game at the same time, and you don't need to turn your whole body just to look behind you, just a little tilt in any direction does it all 1:1 head tracking is more natural, and that's basically it.
  7. the problem is, with DCS, when all your friends in F-18s and F-15's and F-14's and hell even mig-21's... can tell instantly without any radio calls or anything... and you can't... who's gonna be the one getting teamkills? yeah if you're in a 109 or a mig-19 or something where you're close enough to see the whites of the enemys eyes before you can kill him... you're right.
  8. i dunno what issue people have with the RWR, it reliably shows the direction of incoming radars from longer than any a2a missiles range in 8 directions, and tells you if something has you STT'd that's pretty much all it was meant to do... it's easy to tell what's targeting you by the pulses... F-18s especially are whacky... it's like 4 or 6 beeps, then resets.... whereas the F-15's is a constant beeping sound, and if they're in TWS it's a faster constant beeping sound...
  9. you can just set the same function to two different buttons, hitting the same button twice will turn it on and off, but hitting the on button to turn it on, and the off button to turn it off would still work...
  10. Very nice, specs? I see TT and EVGA, 2080ti
  11. I don't really think the devs care how many people whine about delays, they know, or should know, they'll still be buying the F-14 anyway, and still play it anyway, regardless of how long it's delayed... all the whining and complaining does is let the people, who will still buy, and still play anyway, vent.
  12. the problem is really with the FC3 planes not having selectable radio channels, or even FM/AM radios, so you really just need to set a key to only show messages relating to you, i think you can even in the mig-21 (not sure) and contact prioritys... don't press request picture, press request bogey dope and it'll show the nearest contact, unless it's hiding behind a hill and gci/awacs can't see it, then it'll say popup 180 5km or whatever as soon as it's in lign of sight with the radar...
  13. now you need to make an in-land one... caucausus map has these big tall things called mountains, that really add to combat and make it a lot more interesting... perhaps between tbilisi and MV or kobuleti and mozdok?
  14. also mig-15 and mig-21, 5 migs... but the 3 mig-29s are basically exactly the same, just with weapon restrictions and minor radar differences...
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