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  1. Thanks, Naquaii! But is there a list (akin to what I sketched above) or other documentation somewhere about the older readouts?
  2. Re.: NEW: Added a second readout row to the TID (including target aspect angle) as per updated software tapes in the real F-14. Is there documentation somewhere that lists, decodes and explains all TID track data fields? Something like: - "AL +/-xxxxx" is track altitude above MSL in feet ... - "RA xx.x" is track range/distance from ownship in NM ... Asking specifically about what "RT/LT xxx" in the new lower data line left corner stands for and what data that is... Same for "HD xxx"... Thanks in advance!
  3. One more huge step towards Heatblur Tornado and Heatblur F-4E/F...! Way to go, guys. Congrats @ll!
  4. Any news on availability from the European retailer or when orders will be openend there?
  5. Mein Hauptbeitrag für zu niedriges Geschwindigkeitsgefühl in Bodennähe sind die viel zu großen Bäume. Vergleicht die Bäume mal mit danebenstehenden Objekten wie Häusern, Brücken oder Fahrzeugen - oder lauft mal nach einem erfolgreichen Schleudersitzausstieg durch den Wald und schaut euch die viel zu großen Blätter genau an. Die in DCS platzierte Vegetation ist ums ca. Doppelte vergrößert und macht damit auch einen realistischeren Geschwindigkeitseindruck zunichte.
  6. Plus: bind the IFF button to your controls and keep an eye out for auto-lockon’s by the pilot (PAL, VSL) - immediately IFF any auto-acquisitions and shout over the intercom if cooperative or not! Also, label the target symbol as fast as possible on the TID to give the pilot additional visual IFF feedback!
  7. Thank you for the info anyways, and I hope there will be availability without import stress one day! There are many possibilities to look into, like e.g. an exclusive small "one-man" retailer like VKB has in Europe with flightsimcontrols.com or maybe a large flightsim retailer like Aerosoft
  8. Any updates on a european retailer or, as thought aloud, own european and US retail/service centers? Plus: still interested in standalone throttle unit here!
  9. Schau mal in den Controller-Einstellungen nach, ob irgendein USB-Gerät eine Achse auf dem DLC-Thumbwheel aktiv hat. Könnte sein, dass dadurch permanent ein unerwünschter Input generiert wird...
  10. Checking the european VKB shop's homepage almost daily now for preorder announcement... - I'm such an addicted nerd!
  11. Hi Vibora, thank you for the quick answer! I searched through the whole .miz file already, the l10n/DEFAULT folder only contains the 3 briefing pictures as .png's plus two small files without ending: "dictionary" and "mapResource". No full approach map in .pdf or any picture format in the whole .miz archive for me. I tried with WinZip, WinRar and 7zip. How does the approach chart look for you? - name, format & size? Any other idea, what the problem could be? Anyone else able or not able to find the charts in QuickStart Landing Missions "Medium" and "Hard" .miz archives? Thanks!
  12. Same here, connect by IP does not work after yesterday's update, dialogue-box "Address unavailable" with OK-button popping up. Log attached. Of course, it would help if you could remove the main need for connecting by IP in the first place, which is the calculation of a wrong and way too high ping to a server... dcslog.zip
  13. I think this bolt removal is only neccessary if you want to attach the grip at a twisted angle for center-mounted use.
  14. In their respective briefing texts and pictures, the two QuickStart Landing Missions "Medium" and "Hard" both mention .pdf approach charts, supposedly to be found inside the .miz mission files. I cannot find any charts in the .miz archives of both missions however. Any hint on where to get those charts?
  15. Yeah, we still need an absolute axis option for Radar Elevation to finally get the more intuitive and realistic knob behaviour.
  16. @MadMonty: If you want to select a preset channel to become active frequency, you simply enter the channel number (e.g. “5”) into the scratchpad instead of a full manual frequency and hit enter. Alternatively, in the DED main page, you move the up/down arrow active symbol to Radio 1 or 2 by 4-way dobber down input - then you can select active channel for that radio via rocker switch up/down. Is this what you are looking for? @ll:
  17. There‘s no such thing as sub-$300 HOTAS hardware from Realsimulator. Depending on the throttle arm and detent mechanism, I expect a new Viper throttle by them ranging between $600 and $1200.
  18. Wrong. Current SRS stable version is 1.6.4, whereas 1.7.0 is the current open beta. Most public DCS servers rightfully run the stable version.
  19. Thanks for the info and for planning to open up the possibility. Looking out for a pre-order announcement of the EU dealer then!
  20. Any info about initial availability through the european distributor?
  21. I wish to buy the F-14 grip asap through your european distributor. Will he be able to open a pre-order list and receive grips from the 1st production batch as well?
  22. Today seems to be the day for some "big" Huey update news, sez Wags. I really hope it's multicrew.
  23. June 26th, not a single word about any further delay.
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