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  1. Big Nuts

    ee lightning?

    All that matters to me is the flight model, please make it dcs quality.
  2. Former F102/106 pilot; Lots of details on his channel. What an era for aircraft. Kind regards
  3. 'Most aircraft will drop a wing' isn't really applicable. Does the MiG 21? I have noticed that drag at hi alpha is perhaps a little low. I can keep on pulling without serious issues in mil. Yes i agree more to be done, and i really do wish more aircraft in dcs would bite back, its so much more fun. Can we do this without the snarky comments? It's so tiresome.
  4. Doesn't riojax show the alpha is reasonable? How many aircraft have you stalled? We need facts not opinions.
  5. I heard delta aircraft have excellent high alpha characteristics, i have to try this new fm.
  6. Yea i find this pop up, painful. Just as im taxiing, my view gets frozen(i use mouse to look around). Worst possible time for this to happen.
  7. Hey just a thought: Wouldnt it be fun for one mission(or two) to have some 80's action? Ie f15's with sparrows, tomcats, MiG29's etc? Ie non datalink fox 1 aircraft. Tomcat is an exception ofcourse.
  8. Visual is often enough but it's fun using the MiG21 radar and R3r's. I think many do not use it though.
  9. Can we have the 300 ping limit back ? It's 260 now(?) And suddenly i cannot join, ever. Tragic.
  10. Isn't that just the flight computer switching between the 'wheels out, im probably landing/taking off' to the 'the wheels are in lets go sicko' Modes..?
  11. The gap was narrower, come at me with fox 1's and im fairly confident of getting to the merge. I find the greatest leaps were fox3's and datalinks. Without them it starts getting romantic.
  12. Thanks for the advice appreciate it. ~S~
  13. Hey all, not knowing a great deal about hardware i would like to get your thoughts. This is what i've sketched out so far; CPU: R5 3600 MB: MSI B450 Gaming plus max RAM: Geil 16gb evo x II C16 3200 SSD: Samsung 860 QVO 1TB GPU: Gigabyte RTX2060 OC 6GB PSU: Corsair 650W Gold Modular Thanks for any advice.
  14. What is there that takes up 5 gigs?
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