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  1. Where do these files get extracted to? Are the Loman compat? Thanks for the hard work.
  2. Majesco, I'm having the same problem as you, as well as having a grass runway. I have ATI 9800 Pro. Maybe my vid card. I uninstalled all other runway mods and still had same problem. So I uninstalled Grand's new mod and reinstalled what I had before. Guess with all these new mods coming out, I will have to invest in a new vid card. SailorDoc
  3. Well this is the latest, first I uninstalled everything with the exception of the game, using MM5. Then I went in and started LO. for some reason that F18 was still there when I hit the Fly button. So somewhere along the line I have probably really hosed up things. So now I have the F18 w/Su30 weapons as well as the Su30 afterburner flames. Who knows maybe its the best of both worlds an F18 w/ Su30 weapons! Any other thoughts greatly apprecaited. TIA SailorDoc
  4. Thank you nesher, I will give this a try and let you know. Appreciate all your hard work on this! SailorDoc
  5. I need some help as I probably did not read the directions properly. I installed the mod using MM5. But when I hit the fly button, I get the F18 with the SU30 weapons, which don't fit, of course. I tried to uninstall the SU30 mod but still get the same results. I have also tried uninstalling anything to do with the F18, still no joy. Any help greatly appreciated. Next time I will read the directions. TIA SailorDoc
  6. Being retired US Navy as well as being stationed aboard USS Nimitz CVN 68, the JFK should have been decommissioned years ago. The only reason why it was not, good ole Senator Teddy Boy. IMHO of course.
  7. Appreciate your hard work on these skins!
  8. Ironhand's tutorials are simply the BEST!! Everything I know about this sim is a direct result of his hard work. He is a real student of LockOn and I just really enjoy watching them over and over, just for the hell of it. Looking forward to having more of them to add to my collection. SailorDoc
  9. Appreciate your efforts in making this sim the best ever. Sailordoc
  10. Excellent work Ironhand. I have always benefited from your videos and tutorials. Heck I just enjoy watching them for the heck of it. You are a real student of this sim. Looking forward to the stuff you are currently working on. SailorDoc
  11. what are the chances that LockOn will be rewritten to accept dual core? SailorDoc
  12. I don't know if contacting Ubisoft would help or not. My impression of the whole deal is this. They came out with the great add on that most people that have the original Lock On would want to have. Now that THEY have got you, it's like they don't need you anymore nor are they obligated to provide you with acceptable customer service. They have gotten too big to be worried about the individual. Sounds familiar. Or maybe they are just on an extended Russian holiday. SailorDoc
  13. All I know is that I have sent numerous emails to the various addresses provided and I have not heard one reply. As 9thAF Mac stated "NOT GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT...U THINK??". My feelings exactly. Hey, for most people Starforce has been a hinderance and a royal pia, why make things worse with the lousy customer service. At this point I would be happy with just a reply to my lousy email, I really don't care if they give me a f***ing activation code or not. Ok, I've got it off my chest. Thanks for listening. SailorDoc
  14. Thank you SuperKungFu, appreciate the reply. SailorDoc
  15. Here is my transaction ID: 0000014A-3B77-0001-0000-9D708102DDC1 Thanks SailorDoc
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