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  1. Game flight mode and Game avionics ticked off worked for me..Thank you
  2. I had the same problem, but I deleted input folder as you suggested and everything seems to working fine now. Thanks Bignewy.. -Dave
  3. Hovering out ground effect can be a little tricky. You'll need to use more power & a lot more control inputs. Best way is as Imp said, pick a spot on the horizon and spot on the starboard side, don't worry to much about the instruments right now. Once you have a grip on a stable hover then start glancing back to the gauges.
  4. How did I fix this? I clicked on restore all in the recycle bin.
  5. That didn't seem to work. There's no rudders now either, no list of key commands,joystick or throttle profiles. Once again everythings ok with the A10c. I am at a loss...
  6. I seem to missing the keyboard & joystick assignments for the Huey. Everything is fine with the A10c. I've un-installed and re-installed several times now with no luck. Any ideas or thoughts?
  7. I am unable to open the file but I'd guess it's mast bumping. Try to make sure your joystick is centered or even a little forward. Sometimes the blades will strike the tail before you even get your hands on the J/S. Just a thought, hope it helps..
  8. You need to hold the Stop/REL button in (Engine idle button), and twist the throttle all the way until it hit's the stops. This will put the throttle at idle. You should be able to contune then.
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