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  1. I really prefer the official sound update to come out. I don't want to get too much into unofficial mods.
  2. I can't seem to solve the problem of suffocating when I try to do a cold and dark start up. Can't the mask come off on the ground?
  3. Only the default livery is available. EDIT: disregard, I had the French nation selected and that's why I didn't have the usual liveries...sorry!
  4. There's a fuel truck buried in the side of a hangar.
  5. Are there any plans to work on the engine sounds, especially the external sounds?
  6. It's past time that Warship flight decks should be more mature than they are now. Destroyers and Cruisers should have communications and flight decks that are in flight operations mode. Currently, none of this is true! The fences are up, and they have no communications. The ship models were made with the flight decks not ready to do flight operations, they are in the non-flight operation configuration. They should also be able to refuel if not repair/rearm!
  7. I've heard, but it's important for glasses wearers to know that glasses actually work in VR, as well.
  8. Hilarious! I solved my own problem with a trick that I could've been using for years and didn't realize it, until today. First, I wear glasses, but I didn't like wearing them in VR, so I had to look through the edge of the lenses to see clearly. I didn't realize that was because I wasn't wearing my glasses! Once I put my glasses on, the center of the lenses became clearer than I've ever seen... And, now I can see Petrovich's Target List easily. Keep that in mind for future VR complaints...
  9. I'm using an HP Reverb G2. My problem is I have to wear the headset very high on my cheek bones to get a sharp image for some reason. This has been true for all of my VR headsets. I can see the target list just on the edge of my peripheral vision, but when I try to look at it, it goes out of frame sight.
  10. I have recently discovered the same problem exists with the Mi-24. It shares a similar copilot AI...
  11. This is an error that should be easily fixed.
  12. Aren't the Landing and Taxi Lights mixed up? It seems the wrong light in the model is acting as the taxi light and vice versa.
  13. The Harrier was working when I recorded it on my mytai01 YouTube, but things change in DCS for the worse sometimes.
  14. Except for the Russian callsigns, the available call-signs in the game are too limited. It seems that they're all old Vietnam era USAF tactical call-signs. It would be nice if the actual callsigns could be associated with actual units they belong too.
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