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  1. прэдэтэр проблема №1 русских и украинцев ето то што они звук "е" используют где не надо и звучит это ужасно. yesterday и yes слово начинается на русскую "е" произносется "е" только когда слово начинаеться на "ye"
  2. I suggest using some FSX runway textures for reference, there are some spectacular looking textures in FSX and addons.
  3. What are they? Reason I ask is that with my 400kbps upload I cant do more then 8 people... So here I am thinking if I should upgrade to a 800 upload service? Would 800 be sufficient for say 12 player server? Thanks in advance,
  4. Speaking of radars and angles...why is the up and down angle so great in game? I mean it never seems to catch anything if you point the radar all the way up or down, regardless of enemy altitude. Usualy one or two "clicks" of the radar up or down is enough to catch a very low flying target or someone at 15 000m. When would it be beneficial to point the radar all the way up or down? One would think it depends on the targets distance from the radar, but then again....as much as I experimented even if the target is very very close putting big angles on the radar doesnt really aid in anything.
  5. Its out of Ukraine, not Russia. I just played 30min of it, and it seems cool so far.
  6. They are standalone USB, rewiring them is not an option as I would loose my racing rig. And Im looking for a software solution. Thanks in advance,
  7. Sure, when there is a new update Ill translate that for them.
  8. What I mean is that I have racing pedals, (clutch. brake. throttle) and I can not combine axis to make it one. So for LOMAC I want to use my clutch and throttle as the rudder control. But in LOMAC you can only assign one axis to the rudder. Is there any way to soft mod lomac to a dedicated "left and right" rudder axis'? Thanks in advance,
  9. He said: Guys, we are in awe of you work and are following your progress, please dont leave us uniformed, please update us on the russian section of the forum.
  10. I believe they have the money, and more then enough of it, it's just not in the interest of the leading politicians to spend any money on the military, more money on the military, less in their own pockets. Besides I dont believe in any wars from the West, it just makes no sense.
  11. Kuky mind sharing your wallpaper? Looks great!
  12. Nothing like you guys.......I keep it simple http://www.is-mad.com/upload/userfiles/SFDMALEX/flightsetup.jpg
  13. In gunzo battles Im useless without rudders. Near stall speeds etc I need it to recover the bird.....and just use it a lot.
  14. I suggest darkening the shadow under the Kamaz quite a bit, or else we have the impression that the car is floating ontop of the surface. By lowering the shadow under the car, making it darker it will make it seems like the car is actually "connected" to the road. *my sim racing experiance speaking :P
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