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  1. For the record, I would like to see exporting with VR possible too. I have done a similar thing but took it a little further on my Pimax 8K X. I cut the nose seal and some of the foam away. I can clearly see all of one MFD/all of my physical Viper ICP. @Bergison took it one step further though with his headsets and was one of the first to request exporting with VR years ago. https://bergisons.simpit.info/making-of_reverb_g2_mod Typical QOL upgrades for MFDs in VR are silicone drawer bumper nubs/velcro on buttons for tactile feedback. But PointCtrl is also well worth it and has a lot more functionality!
  2. If it wasn't locked I would have gladly dropped this into the old thread but its the flipside of locking one when new info becomes available. ED should do what they want with the 4 Harms. I have no way other than this to let anyone else that wondered if apparently what they call "Tac-Ferry" is a thing that it actually is. Yes it only is modern day F-15Es but its that it is interesting they will deploy unusable weapons on the jet. I even thought that was a little strange that they would do that because you are going into a potential combat zone with extra stuff on the jet that you can't use for a pop up fight. Tactics also have a strange way of repeating themselves so it may not be new. Yes the F-15E is a truck! But you may also have to factor in scale. With the F-15E they are only doing it for 6 extra JDAMs to the forward base over the 9 employable for a total of 15. That's only 2/3 full second sortie loadout. If F-16 is 4 Harms only for "tac-ferry", its actually a full second loadout. But again, as you say, it may not be a thing even currently in F-16Cs not to mention 2005 Blk50s. If @BIGNEWY or @NineLine want to lock this thread now to avoid the debate over a mute topic since ED is going to do what they want with the 4 Harms, please do. I just wanted to get out there for those that wondered if "tac-ferry" is a USAF tactic, at least today in F-15Es it is, you can use it whatever way you want for loading your Harms for DCS if ED allows 4 Harms or not.
  3. Because what they are doing in F-15Es is one of the reasons suggested for the PACAF guide to say 4 Harms as a valid F-16C Blk50 loadout despite some SMEs saying only 2 hardpoints were wired. "Tac ferry" the extra pair of HARMs in F-16s was suggested to be an explanation but no one at the time had any evidence that the USAF actually does this. Here is an article saying that it is at least now a thing in F-15Es, it is still unknown for F-16s and does not confirm that is the reason for 4 AGM-88s. But some of us that were paying attention to that detail in the thread (like me) could find it interesting that indeed the USAF will put weapons on hardpoints that can't be employed that flight on a plane for its ferry flight to a forward combat deployment so they do not have to depend on transport planes as much.
  4. I get it. Again, more a general knowledge update that I found interesting due to that debate. There were some people that I thought would know the answers, especially those that said the wiring wasn't there why it could have 4 listed. This was floated as a possibility so it could be the explanation or not. But carrying extra weapons that you can't launch is apparently a thing at least now F-15Es. I'm not saying if that is the case in 4 HARM F-16.
  5. This is more a general knowledge update. I know ED is going to do what they want on the 4 HARMs issue and I expect this thread to be locked. But just though this article was interesting talking about F-15Es being recently certified in 2021 to carry extra bombs that would not be usable in flight to a forward deployment. There was speculation that this is a reason why the USAF loadout guide would list 4 AGM-88s with the second pair being put on hardpoints that multiple sources say that do not have the wiring to launch was to self deploy ("tac-ferry") with extra HARMs. Nobody was sure if it is actually a USAF logistics policy. This article shows in at least 2021 F-15Es that can be a thing to carry weapons that can't be used in flight so they don't have to depend as much on transport planes. https://www.airforcemag.com/deployed-f-15es-prove-capability-to-tactically-ferry-bombs/
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. For me though, this works out to be about the same as SVR 78% PT RQ 1.0 which is the resolution that I get almost exactly equal with 50% SVR and PT RQ 1.25. I can also tell that the HUD is slightly less crisp than SVR 100%.
  7. One thing I've noticed is that you have to actively unload the nose when you get in the less than about 250 knots to accelerate with any reasonable amount, I haven't ever looked down to see if I'm at the AOA limiter max. But it will be wallowing around and releasing pressure won't reduce the small amount of Gs, normally 1.4 with neutral stick, you actually have to push over to get it to 1G and start accelerating better and of course a full 0G unload is best when you get the Viper down to where it doesn't like to be.
  8. Plus the Leap Motion seems to have a pretty big performance hit using the two other DCS solutions (VRK for Oculus, SDdraw for SteamVR).
  9. Yes, to me it is smoother at 50-60 fps with my 3090 without motion smoothing than the 37.5 "smoothed"
  10. But even though the parallel projection fix isn't needed anymore in the title, your mod is the only thing that I've found to fix the Pimax NVG not converging issue. Plus I love the label masking, it makes the dot labels feel a little less like a cheat, although I feel like it is needed in VR.
  11. Definitely for me too, it's great to mask the dot labels and make the Pimax NVG tubes converge properly!
  12. Just reporting I'm getting this same crash still on stable as I cross over APEX.
  13. Yes, it was mentioned earlier in this thread that the parallel projection was no longer needed and it definitely has a performance increase. But I understand how you missed it with this big of tread and now no longer a quick thread search option and it should be mentioned again anyway!
  14. Newer headset Pimax 8k X etc. owners that have the rubberized coating, what are you using to attach your sensor mount? My APBs went on ok reusing the same tape included. I got some 3M VHB double sided tape but it was the clear stuff, not the dark gray MilesD includes and it isn't holding.
  15. I spent a couple hours with the 8k X tonight and the canted lens feeling was no longer noticable. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it, still playing around with the settings to find the best options. I agree, the upscaling setting seems not worth it at all for the lack of clarity and for very little performance gain. I'm not a person that needs a high refresh rate either. I'm also messing with the SteamVR resolution levels to find the sweet spot. But honestly that 100% setting seems worth it right now, but I haven't flown busy missions or attempted hardly any Supercarrier traps.
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