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  1. here is my dxdiag MY DXDIAG.txt
  2. I had the f-15c manual open(the radar is confusing me) also i have avast and malwarebytes running, as well as steam, origin, uplay, uttorent, other driver software and that's about it
  3. my dxdiag http://gyazo.com/ce97a5f89778aaab42717459e827d33c this is a screenshot
  4. here are my crash logs hhttps://www.mediafire.com/?3b8bds7x4w5xpk4 I'm running 64 bit I dont believe the multiple monitors have anything to do with it... just that it seems to "reload" the game kinda like if you tab out then tab back in... also im getting weird pauses when flying where it will just pause like lag then catch up farther ahead this makes doing anything a pain.
  5. I tried to do this but i was unable to... while I was trying to in the instant action f-15c interception, I deployed flares and then the game sorta reloaded then just stayed black so i had to reset my computer... Ctrl alt delete did nothing :/
  6. ok so where would i get these crash files? I might have misworded it a little bit, it is more of a black screen(on both monitors i mind you[well when it happened chrome had it's outline but that was it])and I left it for about 10 minutes then i just reset my computer one thing that could be happening is windows could be giving me the annoying "your computer is running slow would you like to change to basic" thing... I have tried and failed to make that window stop coming up note I do not know what my current build is, where would I find out, and I just have the most recent one it was released just a week ago i believe. Thank you all for the help so far, this is what makes a good game great :D
  7. So whenever I try and fly in single player, the fps is always unstable/low and my game will randomly quit out which in turn crashes my computer. this is very frustrating and I was wondering if there is a fix to this or possibly others are having the same problem. these crahes make it impossible to actually play the game. note, my pc specs CPU- 3570k RAM- 8gb or 1866 g.skill GPU- 2x GTX 670 hard drive- Caviar Black Flight Stick- Saitek X52 thanks
  8. thank you very much, this helps alot
  9. I would like to ask for one or two server(s) that are hosted by eagle dynamics, the current ones are very unstable(user hosted) and I am often timed out or laggy in-game, this could be due to the location of the servers but it would be very nice if one server in north america and one in europe could be hosted by eagle dynamic. Thank you, P.S. I absolutely love this game and hope to see the multiplayer(what I enjoy doing most) improve.:pilotfly:
  10. one thing I have noticed is that the a10c autopilot does not work... for some reason when i switch it on my plane just continues as if nothing turned on, very frustrating when im trying to fly far distances
  11. seems to have fixed the issue, aparently right alt m is chat, and changing the settings to lan stopped kicks and crashes... thank you very much
  12. ok I will try that, also the crashing only happens in the steam version any ideas?
  13. So when I try to speak in chat while in a multiplayer game using the Steam DCS world I just cannot talk i will hit ~ or tab and nothing happens, I am very confused why this is not working... Also my game crashes A LOT like I cannot play for more than 20 minutes without the thing just crashing or disconnecting me from online games, dcs world non steam works fine(besides the fact I don't have a10c) but as soon as I go into the steam version to fly my a10c I get all kinds of problems... Any help or people experiencing similar issues would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  14. I am just using insert now, I would like to know where the button is in the cockpit so I will keep looking for that don't really get what you guys mean(a10c warthog?) but yeah thanks for the help
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