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  1. I think that the realese of the F14 has something to do with the number of registered pilots
  2. Hi Alpen. Sadly my GPU is dead. So, one Mi-8 is free.
  3. Excellent news Alpen, thx Tiger!!!
  4. I am glad that you invite me to be part of the red side but I am part of those who help to plan the mission for the uh and it would not be fair for my condor mates since I know all the challenges they have prepared for the red side. Once again I thank the invitation, next I want to fly is the mi8 as it is my favorite module and the one that I dominate better (in a few words, the one which I had least hit the ground :D )
  5. Hi Alpen, I ask you please if you can change the gazelle for the uh since I have too many problems with the flashes on the screen and it is difficult for me to fly while I have seizures. I have this problem. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3762582&postcount=135
  6. the flickering is still happening in the Gazzelle. :glare:
  7. pilotos del Condor participando en el torneo de helicópteros. (no le mientas a la gente)
  8. Bueno, hablarté en mi idioma, ya que por lo visto no saben usar el Google Translate. No lo insulté pero él, diciendo a los demás que tenían que hacer y en que se equivovaron sin haber participado del evento, haciendo críticas bastante soverbias, lo sentí como un insulto a todos los que SI participamos. Ponete en el lugar de los que estuvimos pasando un buen rato con amigos y conocidos de la comunidad DCS. Imaginate como es el torneo que nadie se adjudico ni una derrota o victoria. Pensalo.... Por cierto, te dejo este maravilloso link: https://translate.google.com Tal vez te sirva...
  9. :shocking: What kind of short dick criticizes the actions of the pilots in the tournament ??? You did not understand anything about the Tournament. And next time, before telling others what they have to do, better participate in the tournament, maybe only so people pay attention. Cheers
  10. Thanks to all for this HT4, very funny, with great feats in both sides. Thanks to my colleagues at ECV56 Condor, who have done very well. Anxious for the 5th encounter ... !!! Cheers everyone!! :drunk:
  11. In the Gazzelle, if you are th copilot, You must use the the X and Y axis from the joystick to move the slew cam.
  12. :v: Mi-8MTV2 = My favorite module :yes:
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