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  1. Wait on forestall...this is carrier for F14... we hornet users waiting on new supercarrier :D so this is not suprise for me. :music_whistling:
  2. SuperCarrier is for F-18 period. And stop whining about f14 ... wait for forrestall as we hornet pilots are waiting for a supercarrier, simply. :D
  3. ok super carrier now is mine for only $18.60 .. love watching how people crying about price ... 50$? wtf? :rofl:
  4. Damn stop crying about the price ... for a real fan Navy price does not matter ... this discussion is meaningless. Waiting for pre-order tomorrow ... no matter how much :D
  5. I can give 100$ but release him as soon as possible! :D
  6. TacView? Yea i have it ... no scripts. I take off from the ground to this altitude on the online server.
  7. This is what i discover last night... 27800ft in Huey really? :megalol: Its not Airwolf :D
  8. +100 for female voice :D Agreed! this is more important for me then 18 spawn aircrafts on deck.
  9. Yea i want see answer for this question ... elevators are only for visual effect or they will be operative?
  10. Yeah for me better option will be spawn in hangar, go to briefing room..rearm your aircraft and then taxi to elevator and going up ... that will be awesome :)
  11. Lol, i can't understand all this people crying on price :D This is something NEW! All people who love's carrier ops can give all money for this. Stop crying! dont want? dont buy! and stop crying :D Cant wait for Super Carrier! Take my money now! :D Nevermind how much!
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